Access Governance as a Business Service: An Integrated Strategy for Automation with ITSM

by Aveksa

Nov 02, 2010

Download Service Request Management and IT Service Management (SRM/ITSM) systems have provided organizations with more efficient approaches for request and delivery of IT services, resulting in decreased lead times, faster delivery of critical IT services to the business, reduced IT operations cost and greater business value.

IT organizations still struggle when it comes time to grant or change user access. Many businesses rely on manual approaches to access request and change management. Other organizations utilize SRM/ITSM deployments, in an attempt to automate the access request process in a simulated provisioning model, but lack access governance policies that ensure access is always appropriate. As a result, under these approaches IT operations and IT security can become a bottleneck. To combat this lack of efficiency, and to decrease lead times on access delivery for the business, governance may be bypassed, resulting in serious business risk for an organization.

In today�s operating environment, the risk universe is larger than ever. Organizations cannot afford to choose between speed of execution and business policy enforcement. Fortunately, organizations that combine their SRM/ITSM deployments with an automated access governance framework will not have to make this trade off. Furthermore, this integrated approach will benefit an organization by streamlining access request and change management and a decreased risk profile due to an automated access governance framework.