Business Driven Access Management and Governance: Simplifying the Delivery and Governance of Access Throughout

by Aveksa

Nov 02, 2010

Download managing access change has increased exponentially due to the fragmentation of information systems and resources .From a business perspective, users require access to what they want, where they want it, when they want it such that business operations are not slowed or blocked altogether. From an IT perspective, operations and security personnel are challenged to field and fulfill requests in a secure and compliant fashion.

Achieving these goals in a highly distributed and fragmented environment, and mapping that access to underlying information resources, is a persistent challenge. As a result, IT security and operations can become a bottleneck to the completion of the access fulfillment process that businesses cannot afford.

Progressive organizations are adopting a new process for how access is requested, approved, fulfilled, validated and remediated. Such an approach can abstract the complexity that IT deals with, to simplify the process to the point where the business can be more autonomous and more successful.