5 Tips to Secure Small Business Backdoors in the Enterprise Supply Chain

Jul 19, 2014

Download Cybersecurity for the enterprise. There is no silver bullet. But as business becomes more connected and as data moves further outside the organizational walls, enterprises need look at weaknesses in the security chain - and a good place to start is in the supply chain.

Small businesses sit on the "front lines" in the round-the-clock cybercrime battle. Think about how many small businesses, suppliers and customers have access to different areas of an enterprise. Each of these touch points creates another area of exploitation. But small businesses do not generally employ the same strength of security as larger companies because it's complex, costly and resource-intensive.

An enterprise can put all of the onus on its partners, but the result of this approach may not work out too well. If an enterprise wants to get serious about its security, then it must take on the responsibility to:

• Continuously alert its business partners to different threats and vulnerabilities
• Allow them into their threat networks
• Extend their security solutions out to them
• Directly pull the small guys directly under the info-sharing umbrella

This paper examines the insecurity of the supply chain and offers 5 tips to close those backdoors into the enterprise.


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