Part 1 Whitepaper - Why Use Big Data for Cyber Security? A Practical Guide Big Data Security Analytics

Mar 03, 2014

Download Why Use Big Data for Cyber Security is number one in a series of three white papers - all focusing on Big Data solutions for cyber security analytics. In chapter one, we explore the value that big data analytics can bring to the cyber security problem. In chapter two we cover the importance of proper design and planning including business-driven strategies, requirements capture, and the risks in the market. Before acquiring new technology to implement a Big Data cyber security analytics solution, we recommend that you do a thorough analysis of the options available and measuring them against your requirements. In the last chapter, we talk about how our CyberReveal, a Big Data cyber security analytics capability, can help accelerate the application of Big Data to cyber security analytics.

The following issues are highlighted in this new whitepaper:
� A changing threat landscape
� Increased monitoring leads to big data
� Behavioral analytics for detection
� A big data platform for investigation


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