The Business Case for Managed DDoS Protection

Dec 28, 2011

Download Discover how DDoS attacks are getting larger, more sophisticated and dangerous. Learn the risks to Internet infrastructure, revenues and brand equity. See how those risks multiply the more your business depends on the Web.

Find out why small and medium-sized businesses are in some ways even more threatened by DDoS attacks than larger enterprises. Get insight into the ways IT environments have changed - and why that can complicate your efforts to protect your business.

See your protection options and why traditional premise-based solutions are ineffective against today's large-scale attacks. Read why a managed solution Like Neustar SiteProtect offers better protection, for less money, than doing it yourself.

This white paper also includes an ROI study which outlines the business case for using a cloud-based managed service. You'll be surprised to learn how quickly the right solution can pay itself, sparing your business substantial revenue losses and PR issues.


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