iPhone Forensics: Storing Personal Information

Nov 15, 2010

Download This white paper is designed for forensic analysts, corporations, and consumers who want to understand what personal information is stored on the iPhone and how to recover it. The research reveals the vast amount of personal information stored on Apple's iPhone and reviews techniques and software for retrieving this information. Mobile forensics has matured significantly over the past few years. In the past, a very limited amount of data existed on mobile phones so the forensics imaging process was simple. With the success of modern smart phones, forensic examiners can now recover significant information about a phone however the techniques involved have become more complex. Unlike traditional computer forensics, in the mobile world you cannot simple remove the hard drive, attach to a write blocker, image and finally analyze the data. Yet the characteristics of NAND memory, the primary storage mechanism, is to retain data on the device which heightens the forensic value. These development has ushered a new era in mobile forensics.