Does Size Matter? The security challenge of the SMB

by McAfee

Sep 01, 2008

Download Just because a business is small, doesn�t mean it�s immune to security threats. Security challenges facing Small and Medium Businesses in North America are on the rise. For businesses of all sizes, viruses, hacker intrusions, spyware and spam can lead to lost or stolen data, computer downtime, decreased productivity, compliance issues, lost sales and even loss of reputation. According to a recent survey conducted by McAfee, many small and medium sized businesses felt they were too small to be of any value to cyber criminals. When in fact, 92% of respondents rely on the Internet for much of their business, and most average SMBs dedicate only one hour a week to IT security. If a business does become a victim of a cyber crime attack, on average, it can take an entire week to get their business back up and running. Download this study to learn more about how businesses of all sizes are at risk.