No More Zero Day Exploits!

Mar 18, 2013

Download Trusteer research has found that a majority of malware infections are a direct result of an application vulnerability exploitation. Exploits embedded in weaponized content download advanced, information stealing malware, which enables cybercriminals to control compromised endpoints. This is typically the first step in APTs and targeted attacks on enterprises.

Blacklisting solutions, on the network and on the endpoint, can't effectively detect or prevent exploits that are designed to evade them. Application Controls, which aim to restrict code execution on the endpoint to 'trusted' code, have proven complex to deploy and manage.

To stop zero-day application exploits and prevent the compromise of enterprise endpoints a new approach is needed.

In this webinar, Dana Tamir, Director of Product Marketing at Trusteer, presents a new approach for advanced malware protection and discusses how Trusteer Apex applies this approach to stop zero-day application exploits.