Improving Service Delivery Performance

Jun 10, 2010

Download Today�s modern IP network is fraught with increasing complexities. In some ways, virtualization in the data world is creating a new and special set of network challenges, and yet, on a basic business level, the challenges remain essentially the same: organizations rely on today�s modern IP network to not only support, but drive the business to meet its goals. Unfortunately, service-delivery slowdowns and outages are still all too common and frequently have a monumental impact on the ability of an organization to meet its goals. In order to ensure that the business is operating at peak efficiency, IT professionals have turned to high-level service dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs) and advanced analytical capabilities to preemptively recognize changes in service-delivery behavior. By recognizing these changes early, IT professionals are frequently able to prevent business-impacting problems before end users are affected and maximize service delivery performance and availability.


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