Discover How to Bring Trust to the Cloud: Strong Authentication for SaaS Applications

Jul 15, 2012

Download B2B applications is one of the markets quickly moving to a SaaS model due to lower deployment costs, quick time to market and unlimited accessibility. However, the same exact benefits of the SaaS delivery model that are driving the trend may actually slow down further adoption of the SaaS applications by the enterprises. Why do IT departments get skeptical about moving their mission-critical applications and data into the cloud? The answer is quite simple; security concerns are increasingly cited among the reasons for slower adoption of SaaS.

As a SaaS provider, you very well know that offering services in the cloud can be both rewarding and challenging at the same time. You clearly have a competitive advantage over the traditional application providers by offering rapid deployment, requiring fewer resources, and reducing overall cost of a software solution. How do you overcome the security challenge?

Read more of this strategy guide to explore how strong authentication can actually be an argument in favor of SaaS adoption. You will learn how to:

� Efficiently secure access to your SaaS application

� Gain competitive advantage over other SaaS providers

� Improve customer acquisition rates

� Avoid account sharing between users and subsequent revenue loss

� Manage and control user access from anywhere, at any time

� Satisfy regulatory compliance


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