The Deduplication Advantage

by Quantum

Feb 14, 2011

Download Interop has compiled a strategic guide featuring delivering key insights, important strategies and best practices for cloud computing. The days of cloud computing services being used for seasonal capacity are gone.

Organizations are incorporating cloud services in to their IT practices on a permanent basis. The capital and operational costs are compelling. Ensuring adequate application performance and having redress defined before you commit to a service will set expectations and spell out everyone�s responsibility.

Successful cloud computing programs are integrated with your IT initiatives and your business, and like any outsource arrangement, you need to ensure if and when you can safely put sensitive information in to the cloud without exposing yourself to more risk. Partitioning strategies can help but do require forethought.

Luckily standards such as cloud audit are being developed and adopted which defines how cloud providers can describe their security practices to customers. Cloud computing is an evolving space addressing many needs to successfully incorporate cloud services into your organization. A thoughtful approach to selecting a cloud service and designing applications to take advantage of cloud services are key.