Estimating the Cost of a GIS in the Amazon Cloud


Oct 15, 2012

Download Geographic information system (GIS) and information technology (IT) managers see the cloud as a compelling argument for leveraging off-premises hardware resources and reducing local infrastructure costs. But how does one go about calculating the cost of using cloud resources in lieu of using on-site infrastructure? The purpose of this paper is to help the reader understand how costs are calculated for cloud services - using Amazon� Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) as an example - and how to estimate the costs of using Amazon cloud services with an ArcGIS Server cloud implementation: ArcGIS® Server on Amazon EC2.

ArcGIS Server is the core server GIS software made by Esri, used for creating, managing, and distributing GIS Web services, applications, and data. ArcGIS Server is typically deployed on-premises within the organization's service-oriented architecture (SOA) or off-premises in cloud computing environments or data centers.

Esri offers ArcGIS Server on Amazon EC2 as a preconfigured solution for organizations wishing to deploy their GIS servers on established cloud infrastructures rather than use their own local infrastructures. ArcGIS Server on Amazon EC2 provides two Amazon Machine Images (AMIs): ArcGIS Server and an enterprise geodatabase configured on PostgreSQL.