7 Ways to Cut Supply Chain Costs with Enterprise Test Software

Nov 01, 2009

Download Manufacturing environments today are complex, often with multiple sites, offshore subcontractors, many component suppliers and various revisions of technology within the lifecycle of a product. And there's the pressure to introduce products faster all the time. In short, stressors are coming from every direction. This is where manufacturing technology can help.

Manufacturing technology can help improve visibility and control over operations, correlate suppliers to product quality, optimize resources and improve quality - the holy grail. There are technologies that can make you leaner and more efficient and improve decision-making. One such technology is enterprise test software.

This paper presents five areas an ETS solution should cover and seven ways you can save money using one. An ROI evaluation based on your company's structure and business model will demonstrate the value of the investment more precisely.

Many companies set out to build this kind of tool internally. It starts off as a small project, but it always grows in proportion to the volume of information that needs to be managed. It requires significant resources to build and maintain, and attention is focused as much on the platform as on the testing itself. By investing in off-the-shelf technology, a company instantly starts benefiting from test management functionality, turning its focus to test coverage, time-to-market, yield improvement, and other critical issues. Read this paper to ensure you get the most of your ETS investment.


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