Top 5 Myths of Screen Scraping

Jun 30, 2008

Download Many organizations with mainframe, System i or OpenVMS applications still ask their employees to use green-screen (or text-based) user interfaces to work with essential business information. Green-screens are a business problem and a technology problem. They're unappealing, hard to learn, intimidating, and accessible only with terminal emulation software. They�re also incompatible with modern application integration methods like Web services and SOA.

The appeal of screen-scraping is understandable � it's simple and inexpensive. But many developers may not know that screen-scraping doesn't have to be a clumsy, quick fix. With the right combination of features, a screen-scraping tool can be an application modernization solution that solves the problems that green-screens present. Download the white paper, Top Five Myths of Screen-Scraping and find out how you can modernize your legacy applications, give users an application with a new look-and-feel, and take advantage of new approaches like Web services.