Crossing the Next Frontier of Business Process Management - Introducing Process Intelligence

Sep 01, 2014

Download To be successful in today's increasingly competitive and uncertain business world, best-in-class organizations focus on process improvement to increase productivity, lower costs, improve customer experience, and gain competitive advantage. Until now, these initiatives have required considerable manual effort for process investigation, and companies have been unable to effectively visualize key processes across the enterprise silos. Overcoming these challenges requires powerful data collection and analytical tools to gain insight into business processes, systems and data, and incorporate that insight into improving business performance.

Combining automated process mining and discovery with process analytics delivers the next generation of Process Intelligence necessary to gain business insight required to achieve the break-through business performance. Topics covered in this webcast:

1) Benefits of combining process discovery with analytics
2) How automated process discovery is different from traditional approaches
3) Why it's critical to visualize end-to-end processes, modeled or not
4) How process discovery and analytics deliver more intelligent processes
5) Advantages of new generation of Process Intelligence in achieving optimized business performance

Featured Speakers:
Sandy Kemsley, Independent Analyst
Keith Swenson, Vice President of Research and Development, Fujitsu America Inc.