White Paper: Straight Talk - How to Cut Through Cloud Complexity and Implement Successful Cloud Solutions in your Company

Jun 24, 2014

Download If your company is serious about competing in the marketplace, the cloud represents your best way to transform IT to support your company's most urgent business needs. However, the cloud is complex. As revealed in a recent Frost & Sullivan survey of cloud decision-makers, the majority of enterprise IT decision-makers face obstacles in their efforts to make cloud decisions. In fact, most decision-makers believe that cloud decisions are even more complex in their own companies than other companies in their industry. Unless they are able to overcome the challenges and implement a solid cloud strategy, they may find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

In this white paper, Frost & Sullivan sets out the key steps for cutting through the complexity and building a sustainable IT landscape through the cloud. Using data from the Global Cloud User Survey, we identify top concerns and challenges that enterprises are facing as they develop and implement their cloud strategies. We outline strategic planning assumptions that enterprises must consider as they map out their cloud strategies. Finally, we list the top criteria for overcoming complexity and selecting cloud solutions that have the best chance for success.


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