Backup and Recovery Challenges with Sharepoint

May 19, 2010

Download Almost 70% of organizations these days are either planning or already have SharePoint deployed as a platform for collaboration within their IT infrastructure. But with this success we are seeing SharePoint go through the same growing pains many other Microsoft products went through in their initial success stages. With the high-speed adoption of Exchange in the mid-1990s, we saw the volume of information grow to where the backup systems started to buckle under the ever-increasing amounts of data. As end users massively start to embrace SharePoint for their daily activities, the same growth trends are resulting in extreme growing pains for SharePoint. More and more business-critical information resides in SharePoint which means that SharePoint itself is rapidly getting higher on the list of mission-critical applications within the enterprise.

If this is the case in your organization, a proper data protection plan for SharePoint should be part of your daily operations. Since SharePoint itself consists of multiple components that can be highly distributed, simply leveraging the standard backup functionality that�s available is becoming increasingly inadequate as a comprehensive solution to protect the entire farm and its valuable data.

Like with other solutions, with SharePoint the real challenge is not the backup part, but the recovery of information from the backup environment. SharePoint itself has become easier to deploy and to manage, but the protection of the valuable data in a SharePoint farm