Simple and Effective Patch Management and Endpoint Compliance

by IBM

Jun 03, 2012

Download Despite increases in protective technologies, IT professionals are still struggling to keep up with rapid increases in the quantity and complexity of malware attacks. Unique malware signatures are expected to hit over 200 million per year soon, zero-day attacks are becoming commonplace, and cheap custom exploits are easily purchased online. Many attacks can be prevented by simply ensuring that all endpoints have current patches applied, and that antivirus software is actively running and using the correct DAT file.

While endpoint management products are the first line of defense, often tools and organizational silos prevent security and IT operations from effectively responding or being proactive. Redundancies, lack of integration and difficulty in translating requirements into tools contribute to the challenges facing security and operations professionals today. Learn how IBM Endpoint Manager addresses these issues and supports the convergence of Operations and Security across laptops, desktops, servers and smartphones. And see examples of how IBM customers are using this solution to dramatically improve their patching effectiveness and keep their endpoints in continuous compliance.