EMC NetWorker Design Best Practices

Aug 01, 2008

Download NetWorker environments support a handful to thousands of clients. NetWorker scales by adding additional NetWorker storage node/SAN storage nodes, and associated disk and tape resources.

The most common challenges in NetWorker environments include:
�Completing backups, staging and cloning with limited time and physical resources
�Contending with large client backups (several million files per client)
�Scaling NetWorker databases, logs, media management and pools to keep up with demand
�Eliminating redundant data backup locations (multiple full/incremental copies of databases, aggressive backup retention policies, etc.)
�Eliminating performance bottlenecks (NetWorker server type, networking, client issues, etc.)
�Lack of capacity planning and reporting disciplines

The authors walk through a detailed analysis of how to address these challenges, complete with planning and sizing considerations and integration planning.