Don't Give Up on APM Just Yet

Feb 04, 2013


The complexity of application delivery environments is outstripping the ability of APM products to monitor and manage performance. As a result, application managers are less interested in APM products than they were 18 months ago. That's the top finding of our Application Performance Management Survey of 300 IT business leaders about their use of the technology.

Over the past few years, the big management software vendors have been on a buying spree that's resulted in overlapping tools and poor integration, which at least in the short run has only exacerbated the problem. The level of customer frustration with APM tools is at an all-time high. Our survey found that for those companies opting out of APM tools, 51% say the products require too much staff time to implement correctly -- a jump of nearly 20 percentage points from our survey finding two years ago. What happened?


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