9 Vital Questions On Moving Apps To the Cloud

Aug 23, 2012


9 Vital Questions On Moving Apps To the Cloud

Public cloud services have become a legitimate alternative to running applications in a premises data center, but the decision to move an application from in-house to a cloud service is a complex one. Companies have to consider business drivers, application ­availability and business continuity (and the costs associated with ensuring uptime), compliance, security and user adoption.

This report presents nine questions that IT leaders should ask, and answer, to make ­informed and decisions about whether to move on-premises applications to the public cloud. For the purpose of these questions, “public cloud” can mean infrastructure-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service (e.g., Heroku) or software-as-a-service (e.g.,, as each ­of these could be the end target for an on-premises application.

The report also looks at several criteria that companies should consider the first time they ­migrate an application to the public cloud. These criteria include the underlying OS, the amount of data to be transferred and the operational complexity of moving the ­application to a cloud platform. (S5580912)

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