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Whitepaper: Software Development With Objects, Agents, and Services

by University of South CarolinaJan 01, 2008

This paper published University of South Carolina surveys the available methodologies and evaluates them with regard to their support for reuse and robustness. It concludes that both current trends and anticipated needs converge on a multiagent-based service-oriented computing methodology. It focuses on the trends that are evident in software engineering and the impact that the trends will have on system development.

Whitepaper: Preparing for Service-Oriented Computing: A Composite Design Pattern for Stubless Web Service Invocation

by University of South CarolinaJan 01, 2008

The ability to dynamically bind to Web services at runtime is becoming increasingly important as the era of Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) emerges. This research paper from University of South Carolina highlights the mitigation of this problem through the application of software design patterns. Specifically, it details how a Web service architectural pattern, based upon the composition of software design patterns, provides for implementations that insulate the application code from the