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Tandberg Data is a leading global supplier of data protection technologies. The company offers of a complete range of tape libraries, tape autoloaders and tape drives (based on the LTO, SLR, and VXA tape technology platforms), storage software, data media and disk-based storage such as the RDX QuikStor. These solutions are marketed exclusively through a channel of qualified resellers and distributors. In addition to corporate offices in Oslo, Norway, TANDBERG DATA ASA has subsidiaries in the USA, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Singapore, as well as branch offices in Italy, and China (PRC) and Brazil. TANDBERG DATA ASA is a publicly held company based in Oslo, Norway and is traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker=TAD)

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Whitepaper: 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Video IP (VoIP) Phone

by Tandberg DataMay 18, 2009

In a world of virtual teams and global operations, face-to-face communication shouldn�t be limited to colleagues who work at the same location. And, if your organization is utilizing VoIP (Voice over Internet) technology to make and receive calls, then you�re ready for the new generation of video-enabled phones, or Video IP Phones. They give any employee the ability to collaborate with any colleague in any location face-to-face. As a result, eye contact, body language, voice inflection and other subtle communications cues are preserved to ensure optimum productivity.

With the ongoing pressure to reduce travel expenses, react faster to changing business conditions, and be environment-friendly, video conferencing has exploded as the most practical and affordable �green� solution for business. This paper addresses the ten questions you should ask before investing in Video IP Phone technology. Discussion includes what to look for in video resolution, the size of a video screen, ideal placement of camera, capabilities as they relate to multiparty calls, the ability to view PC content, expected telephony features, ease of use, firewall traversal, AES encryption, and mass scale deployment. A comparison checklist is also included. By leveraging this knowledge, you can be confident that the solution you purchase will meet the needs of your entire workforce today and well into the future.

Whitepaper: Video Conferencing Best Practices

by Tandberg DataMay 12, 2009

Executives are beginning to embrace the value of visual communication. However, IT managers must implement a complete solution � one that�s built on a scalable, secure platform that supports needed features and endpoints. This whitepaper examines how to ensure successful implementation.

Whitepaper: An Emerging Triple Play

by Tandberg DataMay 12, 2009

The combination of video communications, managed services, and unified communications is transforming the way organizations approach collaboration. This whitepaper explores the role of telepresence and the emergence of virtual MSPs within the context of enterprise communications services priorities.

Whitepaper: 20 Tips to Save Energy

by Tandberg DataMay 12, 2009

Did you know that saving 1kWh of electricity is the equivalent of saving 0.4kg of coal and 0.4 liters of pure water while reducing emission of 1Kg of carbon dioxide and 0.03kg of sulphur dioxide? This paper provides 20 simple ideas you can implement now to make a difference in global warming.

Whitepaper: Corporate Environmental Behavior and the Impact on Brand Value

by Tandberg DataMay 11, 2009

How is �going green� really affecting the way we live our lives? This survey of attitudes toward climate change and how companies� efforts to become more environmentally responsible are perceived by both consumers and their own employees� spans 15 countries.

Whitepaper: McDonald's Ensures Data Protection And Compliance With RDX QuikStor

by Tandberg DataApr 15, 2009

Five Canadian franchises of the fast food giant McDonald�s have replaced onsite tape backup in favor of Tandberg Data�s RDX QuikStor. The RDX QuikStor provides the restaurants with an easy-to-use, low-cost solution that provides high transfer rates and direct access to files.

Whitepaper: 10 Ways Healthcare Facilities are Using Video Conferencing to Improve Patient Outcomes, Increase Revenues, and Reduce Expense

by Tandberg DataOct 01, 2008

Whether managing a large urban hospital or a small rural facility, healthcare IT managers report that video conferencing has successfully addressed a host of educational, managerial, and patient challenges. After conducting lengthy interviews with seven healthcare IT managers across the U.S., researchers report that video conferencing helps solve at least 10 key challenges which have impacted their organization positively.

Research Report: 10 Ways Major Manufacturers are Using Video Conferencing to Increase Business Volume and Decrease Costs

by Tandberg DataOct 01, 2008

From managing global supply chains to grappling with shortages of skilled workers, manufacturers are addressing a host of educational and managerial challenges in today�s marketplace. After conducting lengthy interviews with six IT managers at manufacturing facilities across the U.S., video conferencing has emerged as the key to solving a host of manufacturing challenges.

Research Report: 10 Ways Utilities Companies are Using Video Conferencing to Increase Access to Real-Time

by Tandberg DataOct 01, 2008

From dealing with global supply chain issues to grappling with shortages of skilled workers, utilities companies face a host of managerial challenges today and in the near future. But after conducting lengthy interviews with five IT managers in the utility sector, it has been discovered that video conferencing can help solve these challenges and more.

Research Report: 10 Ways Financial Services Companies are Using Video Conferencing to Reduce Staff, Extend Specialty Services, and Increase Profitability

by Tandberg DataOct 01, 2008

While researching some of the current challenges faced by the financial services sector, IT managers report that video conferencing has successfully addressed a host of managerial and educational challenges at their organizations.

After conducting lengthy interviews with six IT managers nationwide, researchers report that video conferencing has helped them overcome a number of issues