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Whitepaper: Fault Tolerance in a Virtual World: How Common Use Cases Raise Your Criticality Quotient

by Stratus TechnologiesJan 01, 2008

As server virtualization goes mainstream, the workloads of virtual machines are taking on mission-critical proportions. Uses range from application-dense server consolidation, to failover and disaster recovery, to managing the virtualized infrastructure. Downtime and data loss pose harsh consequences in scenarios like these. This paper looks at five use cases to show why, where and how business can reduce risk in the virtualization initiative by hardening IT environment with physical servers that ensure reliability and availability.

Whitepaper: Leverage VoIP To Increase Mobile ARPU: Stratus Mobile Call Convergence Solution

by Stratus TechnologiesJan 01, 2008

Converged Personalized Services (CPS) solutions from Stratus Technologies position one to simplify life for subscribers and increase revenue without requiring massive changes or huge investments in the network. Stratus CPS solutions bring subscribers the ability to access any data and use any service, from any device, over any network. This paper introduces the Mobile Call Convergence (MCC) solution that is part of the CPS family. Opening the door to a wide range of new user services, MCC enables convergence between a cellular device, or a dual mode ""smart"" cellular/WiFi device, and other devices in a TDM or IP network.

Whitepaper: Combine Services For Increased Revenue: Stratus Converged Service Broker Solution

by Stratus TechnologiesJan 01, 2008

This paper from Stratus Technologies introduces the Converged Service Broker (CSB) solution that is part of the CPS family. Building on the features of the Stratus Inter-network Services Signaling Gateway solution, CSB provides service orchestration for selection, interaction and composition of disparate services across multiple networks. Service convergence becomes possible by extending existing IN Service Broker capabilities to include multi-protocol brokering, and by incorporating IM-SSF and SCIM functions defined by IMS. The result is a solution that enables legacy and next-generation networks to combine IN and SIP-based services to increase ARPU and decrease costs.