Ricoh’s Digitization Solutions for Federal offers a nationwide network of more than 40 document processing centers and over a quarter-century of off-site document processing experience. Ricoh can help agencies tackle information management challenges with people and infrastructure that simplify the process of digitizing and organizing legacy records. The company also has expertise in designing and implementing effective workflows for ongoing record capture and integration.

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Whitepaper: 4 Ways to Make Information Mobility More Secure

by RicohMay 06, 2015

Businesses are increasingly turning to outside experts for intelligent, comprehensive security management frameworks to address user, data and infrastructure challenges. These experts typically use a four-pronged approach that includes a security risk assessment, end-user security, and network and infrastructure protection.

Whitepaper: Expert Advice: How Federal Agencies Can Manage the Data Deluge

by RicohJan 20, 2015

Federal agencies are awash in data, and the personnel and equipment costs associated with data management are rising, along with the legal and regulatory risks. In this Q&A, James C. Bejoian, a leading information management expert, weighs in on how agencies can better manage and control exploding volumes of data.

Whitepaper: 7 Secrets to Federal Records Management Success

by RicohOct 20, 2014

Digitization and document storage services give federal agencies the help they need to manage the flood of information today -- and in the future.

Whitepaper: White Paper: Embedded Software Architecture SDK

by RicohJan 01, 2008

Ricoh’s Embedded Software Architecture SDK (SDK/J) allows in-house developers, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Systems Integrators (SIs) to deliver customized Java-based solutions hosted on Ricoh MFPs and LPs. This robust software platform enables third parties to combine their own solutions with Ricoh’s industry-leading hardware and extends Ricoh’s leadership as the preferred document solution partner. This paper published by Ricoh describes the history, architecture, usage models, and development tools of this advanced technology from Ricoh.

Whitepaper: Linux on a Digital Camera: Porting 2.4 Linux Kernel to an Existing Digital Camera

by RicohJan 01, 2008

The RDC-i700 is one of high specs digital camera of Ricoh. It integrates all peripherals traditional digital camera has, but also several different interfaces, allowing wide range of application to run on it. Its relatively big size, large amount of different interfaces, input methods (buttons, or touch panel); have made it a good candidate for prototyping the world first Linux embedded digital camera. This paper presents the experiences of porting the 2.4 linux kernel to an existing digital camera. (The RDCi700 is originally built on top of VxWorks).