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Whitepaper: D-Link Lends Network Performance To Breakthrough HiperWall Video Wall Display

by D-LinkJul 09, 2009

Hiperwall is a commercial video wall display technology company that enables users to build a scalable, high-performance video wall from ordinary computers, monitors, and an Ethernet network. Based on research and technology developed at University of California at Irvine, and now available commercially, Hiperwall is a video wall software solution that can display a wide variety of content with unmatched speed, flexibility, and functionality in extremely high resolution.

Whitepaper: D-Link Provides Cost-Effective Enterprise Solutions

by D-LinkJul 09, 2009

Somerville House is an independent day and boarding school for girls. Established in 1899, the school is located in the inner city of South Brisbane, Queensland, and has a student body of over 1,200 girls. Catering for students from years K-12, Somerville House is an example of an organization integrating and utilizing the latest technology into the student learning process.

Whitepaper: School District 16 Controls its Growing Information Load With D-Link

by D-LinkJul 09, 2009

The New Brunswick School District 16 in New Brunswick, Canada, has 21 schools and three alternative sites. Its 436 teachers serve about 7,000 English-speaking students who live in rural and small urban areas, including almost 600 First Nations students who live in four First Nations communities. Nine of the district�s schools offer French Immersion programs to approximately 1,100 students in grades 3 through 12. D-Link provided solutions for its growing information load.

Whitepaper: D-Link Brings Affordable, Single Network Wi-Fi Solution To Redeemer University College For Enhanced Internet Access And Reliability

by D-LinkJul 09, 2009

Redeemer University College is an undergraduate liberal arts and science university in Ancaster, Ontario. The college was being hindered by its spotty, unreliable, Wi-Fi network that was patched together with random access points and lacked central communication. D-Link provided the solution.

Whitepaper: D-Link Meets K-12 Needs For Network Expansion, Managed Switches, Security, VoIP, Network Video, Storage And Mobility

by D-LinkJul 09, 2009

Public and private schools are facing some significant challenges. Students, staff, and visitors need to be protected from aberrant physical behavior, unsavory Internet activities, and hacked networks. There�s pressure to improve the education product, increase networking coverage, bolster cyber-security, and make it easier for users to access information and applications. This white paper from D-Link describes solutions (both technology solutions and financial programs) while exploring the challenges facing most schools today.

Whitepaper: The Fulcrum Group Designs Custom IP-PBX Solutions For Small Businesses With D-Link Switches

by D-LinkMay 01, 2009

The Fulcrum Group offers VoIP IP-PBX solutions to small businesses. Three years ago, the company was using network equipment from a D-Link competitor, but costs were becoming more and more of an issue.

Whitepaper: University of Texas Health Science Center At Houston Secures New Data Center With Camera Solution

by D-LinkApr 01, 2009

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston built a brand new, 7,500-square-foot data and part of the facility design included the need for security cameras. A security and surveillance solution would allow the organization to record activities within the data center, review incidents, monitor who is performing what tasks throughout the day, and keep track of the general coming and going of employees.

Whitepaper: Bremond Independent School District Solves Wi-Fi Coverage Issues With PoE Switches And Access Points

by D-LinkApr 01, 2009

Bremond ISD�s older wireless LAN was difficult to expand and manage. The system didn�t support Power over Ethernet (PoE) because the technology was not standardized at the time they purchased it. Bremond needed a wireless network with PoE support. The school wanted to eliminate receptacle installation costs and have a managed solution that wouldn�t break the bank.

Whitepaper: Business Class 802.11n: Ready To Deploy

by D-LinkApr 01, 2009

Today�s Web applications, IP video streams, VoIP systems, and mobile devices are placing more and more demand on wireless networks. This white paper explores 802.11n technology and applications, while offering business leaders a solid educational foundation for making wireless deployment and purchasing decisions.

Whitepaper: Cost-Effective Support Services For Maintaining Network Uptime And Employee Productivity

by D-LinkMar 01, 2009

Companies of every shape and size rely on their IT infrastructure to maintain business value, keep operations flowing, and satisfy customers. Networks drive communication, process, and profits. Even small companies invest significant sums of money in networking equipment. D-Link Support Services and D-Link hardware help companies minimize the risks associated with network downtime while adding significant technological advantages. This white paper details the challenges facing businesses that need to protect their network investments and offers an overview of D-Link�s Support Services solutions.