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SoftServe, Inc. is an independent multinational software development and consulting company that helps global organizations enhance their customer's competitive capabilities by providing the technology and processes that achieve strategic results. With Europe headquarters in Lviv, Ukraine and U.S. headquarters in Fort Myers, Florida, SoftServe Inc. has its development facilities located throughout Ukraine. Since 1993, SoftServe Inc. has been partnering with over hundred companies worldwide offering superior level of capability in technical skills and project leadership. SoftServe's state of the art infrastructure, ISO- and CMMI-certified processes and unrivaled talent ensure our promise of excellence in even the most complex of projects.

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Whitepaper: 11 Critical Considerations For Managing Outsourcing Projects

by SoftServe Inc.Oct 14, 2009

Both private and public service sector organizations face an ongoing challenge to determine whether functions should be performed internally or externally. While much is written about how to make this decision from an organizational strategic perspective, there are few guidelines for the project manager to use during the initiation and planning phases. Too often outsourcing decisions are made on the basis of past practices rather than assessing the current project situation. The purpose for this article is to alert people to evaluating the outsourcing decision from different perspectives regarding whether to outsource, insource, or employ a hybrid approach.

Whitepaper: Outsourcing Risk Reduction: How To Avoid Disasters And Ensure Solid Working Relationships

by SoftServe Inc.Sep 22, 2009

With the right outsourcing arrangement, you can convert fixed IT costs to variable, gain access to scarce resources, and increase service availability. But you need to manage outsourcing risks. Today, more and more businesses understand the benefits of working with outsourcing companies. Although having a business relationship with an outsourcing vendor can be a smart move, it is important to minimize the risks associated with this type of business partnership.SoftServe looks at some in-depth suggestions on making good outsourcing decisions.

Whitepaper: SaaS: Revolutionizing The Way You Do Business

by SoftServe Inc.Sep 14, 2009

Software as a service is a method for delivering software applications to customers over the Internet. However, since SaaS solutions have only been available for approximately seven years, many IT people--as well as company managers and owners--know very little about SaaS due to its recent emergence. Therefore, two key issues will determine if SaaS will grow in popularity in the near future: the education and training of IT people and the education of people in the business world.

Whitepaper: The Incredibly High Cost Of Saving Money On Outsourcing

by SoftServe Inc.Mar 24, 2009

Everyone is under pressure these days to cut costs, but saving money isn�t worth it if you cut your own throat in the process. Find out how to avoid making a very dangerous financial mistake. SoftServe states that outsourcing can be costly.

Research Report: Beyond The Price Of Labor: IT Outsourcers Shifting Focus

by SoftServe Inc.Oct 07, 2008

IT outsourcers are demanding more than cheap labor from their offshore partners. Learn how Central and Eastern Europe have gained a stronghold in this evolving industry.

Whitepaper: CMMI - Does Your Outsourcing Supplier Make the Grade?

by SoftServe Inc.Feb 20, 2008

Outsourcing work to offshore organizations has become the latest arsenal in software development over the last seven to eight years. The strongest drivers to outsourcing focus on driving down costs, increasing productivity, reducing time to market, and providing a flexible resource pool.

In the outsourcing selection decision, many organizations use the candidate suppliers� Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) maturity level as one of the decision-making criteria. Suppliers want to maximize their chances of winning business from companies that are pursuing offshore outsourcing services. Since CMMI maturity level ratings serve as a differentiator, these organizations want to position themselves among the elite. Maturity level 5 is the place to be, in CMMI terms.

Read the paper to learn how CMMI ratings can help you pinpoint the best candidate for the job.