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Webcast: Open or Closed? Why You Need a Strategy for Open Source in Your Organization

by IngresDec 01, 2008

Tough economic times call for a new approach to software development and demand that you find a better, faster, and more affordable way to develop new applications. Open source is the answer - much faster time to value, all the benefits of an on-demand business model, and speed of innovation. Organizations are seeing big advantages to using open source technology, with its collaborative development and affordable business model.

Join Forrester Principal Analyst, Noel Yuhanna, along with Roger Burkhardt, CEO of Ingres Corporation for a practical discussion around deciding when and how to use an open source solution and the projects best suited for adopting open source technology.

This webcast will address these important questions and more:

� Is open source for your organization?
� How can open source allow you to innovate faster?
� Are open source applications ready for "enterprise prime time?�

Webcast: Open Source Alternative for Enterprise Content Management

by IngresDec 01, 2008

As the amount and complexity of data increases, the demand for easy, reliable and flexible enterprise content management (ECM) solutions from organizations of all sizes grows as well. An enterprise class open source stack can meet this demand and is at the forefront of innovation in enterprise content management.

By attending this webcast, you will:

* Learn how Alfresco, Ingres and Rivet Logic can help you to develop, deploy and manage cost effective, open source Enterprise Content Management solutions that meet the mission-critical requirements of Enterprises.
* See us demonstrate how utilizing Alfresco as the content repository and Ingres as a scalable and secure database is enabling innovative document management, team collaboration, knowledge management, and other Enterprise 2.0 applications

Whitepaper: Dollars and Sense: Lower TCO and Increase ROI Using Ingres Database

by IngresDec 01, 2008

Have your capital budgets been cut, but your demands for enterprise caliber solutions have only increased? Do you want to lower your database TCO while maintaining the business critical capability not offered by other open source technology vendors?

Up until now, when it comes to databases, companies have had a choice. They could pay outrageous fees to build applications using proprietary databases. Or, they could use open source tools to save money, but with a final product that had less than airtight security and scalability and continuous availability.

In this new white paper, �Dollars and Sense: Lower TCO and Increase ROI using Ingres Database,� discover why that choice is history. Learn:

� How companies like yours are saving 20-55% over a three-year period by taking their databases open source
� How open source technology can lower your hardware costs (by running on lower-spec commodity hardware), IT expenses, and call center load�while giving you more freedom to innovate
� How today�s mature open source database market can give you low total cost of ownership and business critical capability

Find out why Forrester says �Every enterprise should now consider open source databases as part of its overall DBMS strategy.�

Webcast: Business Intelligence to the Masses

by IngresDec 01, 2008

Ingres and partner Jaspersoft, the leader in open source BI, have combined their expertise to create an innovative BI solution called Ingres Icebreaker BI Appliance. Harnessing the power of Ingres' industrial strength open source database and Jaspersoft's state-of-the-art BI technology�the Ingres Icebreaker BI Appliance provides a cost-effective, reliable, high-performance solution at a fraction of the cost normally associated with traditional BI solutions.

See for yourself, attend this webcast and discover:

* The Ingres Icebreaker BI Appliance�s easy, �all-in-one� deployment, installation and maintenance path, creating a fully functional and managed BI stack
* How the JasperSoft BI Suite provides powerful and easy reporting for business users and analysts alike and integration tools for centralizing your data
* The simple licensing that makes Icebreaker a no risk, no brainer opportunity for small and large companies alike
* The world-class support from Ingres as the single point of contact for all aspects of the Icebreaker BI Appliance

With this exclusive webcast we make it easy for you to gain the knowledge you need to deploy an enterprise class BI solution�all it still takes one step.

Whitepaper: Making Open Source BI Viable to the Enterprise

by IngresOct 01, 2008

Almost everyone agrees that making BI technology accessible to all relevant functions in operations is important. However, organizations today still struggle to expand BI. Software appliances that implement open source software potentially enable organizations to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of BI and reduce the complexity of installation, configuration and maintenance, thus making it possible for more to have direct access to the BI technology. This whitepaper shows how open source appliances meet the enterprise requirements for BI technology while adding significant value, flexibility and ease of use.

Whitepaper: The Open Source & SaaS Revolution

by IngresJul 22, 2008

This presentation reviews emerging best practices for provisioning and supporting IT requirements nearly virtually to deliver superior solutions on a subscription basis. Learn how to deliver reliable IT without the traditional large investments in data centers, hardware, software, services and staffing. Remember how digital killed traditional music distribution? See how virtual IT through Open Source and SAAS will cut the trend towards large hardware investments or outsourcing.

Whitepaper: The Open Source & SaaS Revolution: How I stopped building data centers and learned to virtualize Global

by IngresJul 22, 2008

Learn the emerging best practices for provisioning and supporting IT requirements nearly virtually to deliver superior solutions on a subscription basis. This presentation describes how to deliver reliable IT without traditional large investments in data centers, hardware, software, services and staffing. It also shows how digital killed traditional music distribution, and relate this to how virtual IT through Open Source and SAAS will cut the trend towards large hardware investments or outsourcing.