Thunderhead provides a complete enterprise solution for the creation and delivery of highly personalized, multi-channel business communications, whether for batch print or ad-hoc on demand applications. The Thunderhead NOW communications platform enables enterprises to efficiently and effectively target customers with compelling, relevant content while ensuring that communications are consistent with both brand and regulatory requirements. Thunderhead NOW is differentiated from its competitors in the document generation market by its open standards architecture, business user-centric design, and native, XML-based support for multi-channel communications. Thunderhead integrates rapidly with leading solutions for ECM and BPM, including IBM/FileNet, TIBCO and EMC Documentum, as well as CRM and e-forms solutions. Customers are able to eliminate IT bottlenecks, gain significant efficiencies along with reduced print costs, and improve revenue through better customer engagement.

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Webcast: It’s All About You…And Me… And Us: Creating More Loyal and Profitable Customers

by ThunderheadOct 09, 2014

In the era of digital disruptions, consumer expectations for how they interact with insurers have risen dramatically. Consumers now compare their last experience with your firm to those with a bank, retailer, or airline rather than those with other insurers. Best-in-class companies are creating personalized journeys that extend seamlessly across channels, so consumers experience authentic and relevant interactions at every step along the way. How will insurers make sure that they can measure up? In 2015, those experiences will have to be highly personal, local, and contextual.

Join Insurance & Technology, a guest speaker from Forrester Research, Inc. and as they discuss how personalized and contextual interactions will create more loyal and more profitable customers.

Topics include:

  • Removing organizational and information barriers and siloes that can undermine the customer experience.
  • Improving transparency and fine tuning control of your interactions with customers to build long-term customer engagement.
  • Leveraging SaaS-based capabilities to gain flexibility and responsiveness.

Webcast: Increasing Transparency & Reducing Risk in a Rapidly Evolving World of OTC Derivatives

by ThunderheadDec 05, 2013

Improving the transparency and efficiency of the trade lifecycle is critical in today's fast-paced trading environment. OTC derivatives regulatory reform will present significant challenges for all market participants. With ever increasing regulatory requirements, improving the transparency and efficiency of the trade document lifecycle is critical. Those that can fully automate each step of the process to reduce risk and achieve compliance will gain a competitive edge.

Sapient Global Markets and review how regulation will impact pre and post-trade documentation for OTC derivatives and then discuss the end-to-end trade document process, highlighting where efficiency, risk reduction and compliance can be achieved. will also demonstrate a groundbreaking new solution, developed with direct input from select members of the G15 banking community, as well as key energy clients, which streamlines the management of trade and relationship documentation across the full trade lifecycle.

Join this Webcast and hear about best practices and ideas from Wall Street & Technology, Sapient Global Markets, and, who will discuss ways that all markets, and both the buy and sell side participants, can increase transparency, reduce risk, support compliance, and operationalize end-to-end trade process.

We'll discuss:

  • How regulations are changing the market infrastructure landscape
  • Efficiently meet regulatory guidelines for pre- and post-trade documentation
  • Discover innovative ways to get an edge by improving the agreement negotiation process
  • Increase transparency and control across the entire trade documentation lifecycle
  • Significantly reduce the cost of trade and relationship documentation production
  • Reduce operational risk and be ready for whatever lies ahead

Webcast: Fixing The Insurance Industry’s Multi-Billion Dollar Churn Problem

by ThunderheadOct 11, 2013

A harsh reality for insurance executives is that your most likely defector in the coming year happens to be the one you most want to keep: those long-time—and profitable—customers.  But in today’s digital financial services environment, shaped by consumerization, personalization and expectations of real-time interactions, policyholders will bolt if they don’t feel that their insurers value their business. 

That customer value is defined and promoted in all the different ways that insurers and agents engage and communicate with their customers. That happens across an expanding mix of channels, with mobile and social media interactions becoming increasingly important. Failure to take advantage of these multi-channel opportunities with a consistent, compliant and customized approach to communications, is a key contributor to the dreaded churn problem.

In this free, one-hour webinar, Insurance & Technology, and a guest speaker from Forrester Research, Inc. will look at how simple changes in communication and engagement strategies can drive long-term impact on insurers’ retention strategies.

Discussion points will include:

• Redefining a quality customer experience in insurance.

• Infrastructure’s role in customer communications.

• Balancing efficiency/cost-cutting needs with customer service imperatives.

• Making multi-channel work.



Webcast: Improving Customer Service in the Age of Digital Disruption

by ThunderheadMay 29, 2013

The growth of mobile and digital channels is reshaping customer service organizations as financial service companies adapt to improve customer experience while ensuring regulatory compliance and improving operational efficiency.  From email to the call center to social media, customers expect high quality service in their channels of choice and firms must be prepared to deliver.

Financial services firms have four key opportunities to improve customer service engagement through:

  • Customer Self Service – Customers look to digital channels to manage their accounts in real-time. Financial organizations must enable processes that allow customers to request and fulfil common activities without having to engage call center or branch personnel.
  • Employee customer service excellence – Whether in the branch, customer call center or any channel, employees must be able to meet customer needs in real-time and ensure a great customer experience. Firms must empower their employees to produce relevant, personalized communications, across all channels.
  • Operational Efficiencies – Often, firms have multiple systems responsible for creating and sending customer communications that include emails, statements and other correspondence. In many cases these disparate silos include outsourced systems supported by third party service bureaus. Financial firms can improve efficiency and reduce costs by centralizing and automating customer engagement across all digital and offline channels through a single enterprise platform. 
  • Regulatory Compliance – As the need to engage effectively across channels grows and with new regulations being updated daily, financial firms must ensure compliance in communications. It’s essential that all customer communications across channels are on-brand, properly controlled and compliant.

Join us for this 60-minute webinar to learn more about the rapidly-changing trends in customer needs and demands, and to learn how financial enterprises can meet these requirements while shifting their focus from simply managing channels to providing meaningful customer experiences and on developing relationships. In addition, during this webinar, you'll find out how financial services firms can re-engineer their communications delivery to drive customer engagement, lower operational costs and meet regulatory mandates.

Research Report: Kemper Leverages Thunderhead for Forms and Customer Communications Management

by ThunderheadAug 21, 2012

Kemper's P&C units are deploying a centralized shared service for claims correspondence and policy assembly using the Thunderhead CCM solution. The project aims to improve the user experience, ensure forms compliance, cut forms maintenance costs and deliver multichannel customer communication.

Whitepaper: Creating Stickiness in the Insurance Industry

by ThunderheadFeb 07, 2011

All businesses aim to foster loyalty in customers, but for insurers the problem is sharper. Winning new customers is more expensive for insurers than for many other industries, and the benefits of loyalty are greater. This has been exacerbated by customers shopping around to find the best deal in the downturn. Insurers need to make their products more �sticky�, to use a term invented by author, Malcolm Gladwell.

Whitepaper: Rebuilding Trust in Wealth Management

by ThunderheadFeb 07, 2011

The wealth management industry is changing. After the financial crisis, with its wealth management scandals, clients are nervous about investing their money and are happy to leave it in fixed income products. If wealth managers are to entice these customers back, they have to provide them with more information about how their money is invested.

Whitepaper: Targeting Customer Communications in the Public Sector

by ThunderheadJul 01, 2008

This study explores three key aspects of customer communication in the public sector: (1) its critical importance in achieving public sector business objectives, (2) constraints and complexities faced by organizations as they seek to improve it, and (3) the need for new practices and technologies to meet these challenges.