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Agito Networks is the award-winning technology leader in enterprise mobility. Its product, the RoamAnywhere Mobility Router, is an innovative enterprise fixed mobile convergence platform enabling enterprises to extend voice and Unified Communications to cell phones. RoamAnywhere is the first and only network appliance that fuses enterprise wireless LANs, carrier cellular networks, IP telephony and location technology to mobilize voice and data applications, while remaining agnostic to customers choices of carrier and equipment vendors.

Agito enables low-cost in-building voice coverage, reduced cellular costs, improved enterprise visibility and control over cellular usage, and better accessibility and responsiveness for mobile workers. RoamAnywhere has received numerous industry awards, including earning CTIA Emerging Technology and eWEEK Excellence awards, and receiving Product of the Year honors from Unified Communications and Internet Telephony magazines. Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., the company is venture backed by Battery Ventures, Castile Ventures and ITX International.

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Whitepaper: Case Study: Third Time is the Charm for Continuous High-Quality Voice for Mobile Workers

by Agito NetworksOct 01, 2008

Anthony Marano Company (AMC) serves the entire Midwest with fresh produce, and is one of the nation's largest fresh produce distribution centers. Its 460,000 square foot metal and concrete distribution facility is impenetrable by cellular wireless coverage, making continuous wireless communications impossible for mobile staff, which is constantly on the move between inside produce areas and offices, and outside shipping docks and receiving docks. Accessibility is critical because of the thousands of calls and orders the staff receives daily. The company needed a mobile convergence solution so workers could maintain a seamless wireless voice connection anywhere in and around the facility.

Webcast: Enterprise FMC: Linking Enterprise and Cellular Communications Today

by Agito NetworksOct 01, 2008

Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) has become the latest catch all term to refer to the concept of linking a user's cellular telephone to a non cellular network, such as WiFi. With a wide array of technologies from enterprise PBX centric to PBX agnostic to carrier centric to carrier agnostic implementations, it's easy for technologists, managers and IT decision makers to be stumped. While FMC can be puzzling, there can be clear benefits to businesses today.

In this webcast, Network Contributing Technology Editor Sean Ginevan will help cut through the confusion and discuss the business drivers behind FMC, the relevant technologies and the benefits and drawbacks to each approach. In addition, attendees will learn the prerequisites to deploying FMC in an enterprise and hear the experiences of an early adopter of the technology.

Whitepaper: Multi-Network Handover: How to Realize Manageable and Reliable Fixed Mobile Convergence Results

by Agito NetworksOct 01, 2008

Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) offers the promise of unifying services provided by cellular mobile operators with an enterprises´┐Ż PBX and fixed line services. This creates the need for handover between the private enterprise network, running an 802.11-based WLAN, and the public cellular network.

With FMC, there is tremendous value for enterprises to converge these services, including reduced costs and enhanced productivity. To truly converge these two systems, an active wireless call must be able to seamlessly move between the cellular network and the WLAN/enterprise PBX system. Handover between networks with different wireless technologies is the challenge discussed and addressed in this whitepaper.

Discover new techniques on delivering a robust, manageable and deterministic solution for enterprises by downloading this whitepaper today!