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Headquartered in San Diego, California, Novus Origo is a Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with over 30 years of hands-on experience delivering dynamic world class Strategy Consulting, Outsourcing Consulting, and Program and Project Management services. Novus Origo, or "New Beginning", represents the firm's deep commitment and enthusiasm for providing Middle Market and government agencies a new type of advisory firm designed to deliver solutions strategically tailored to their success.

Novus Origo's Mission is to help clients meet their most pressing business needs by designing breakthrough strategies, implementing new processes and technologies, and reducing costs resulting in improved operational performance. Our proprietary NOSAM methodology was built specifically for Middle Market and government agencies and is delivered by a highly experienced and flexible team of professionals passionate about client success. Our passion, work ethic, and commitment to achieving service excellence for our clients are unrivaled.

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Whitepaper: Missing the Mark in Middle-Market Outsourcing: Configuration vs Customization

by Novus OrigoOct 27, 2010

Middle-market organizations are different from Fortune 1,000 companies, not only in size but also in behavior and culture, so they require unique outsourcing solutions designed to meet their specific needs. Large outsourcing vendors have thus far failed to deliver such a successful middle-market product. Any middle-market companies in search of outsourcing success should look outside the box at new outsourcing vendors embracing innovative technologies and approaches such as configuration and smaller niche vendors able to scale to their needs.

Whitepaper: From Fighting Fires To Affirming Allies: Vendor Relationship Management

by Novus OrigoDec 08, 2009

Executives are spending escalating portions of their time on fewer essential business-building activities as a result of the ever more complex and costly issues that undoubtedly arise within contracted vendor relationships. By securing the services of an experienced vendor relationship manager to practice their expertise and ease executive burden, leadership will no longer feel hindered in their efforts to generate effectual change.

Whitepaper: Incentives For Modernizing The Medical Office

by Novus OrigoSep 29, 2009

The HITECH Act portion of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is changing healthcare today. Healthcare organizations receiving Medicare and/or Medicaid funds will be awarded incentives or be significantly penalized based on how quickly they adopt an Electronic Healthcare Record system. Immediate but prudent action must be taken by healthcare organizations that do not wish to incur penalties. This white paper defines the Act, guidelines, potential incentives and penalties, questions to ask vendors, and advice on a roadmap to success.

Whitepaper: Outsourcing For Success - The Retained Organization

by Novus OrigoJul 30, 2009

The requirements for the advanced planning and design of a skilled retained organization are paramount to the success of any outsourcing relationship, and should be facilitated early on in the outsourcing process. Additionally, key success factors in the design and implementation of a retained organization include: the ability of the team to operate against new processes and methodologies, having a clear understanding of what transactions are being outsourced, properly selecting retained resources based on skills and requirements, the understanding of all knowledge transfer requirements, and the ability to provide strong leadership to implement communications and change management.

Whitepaper: Missing The Mark In Middle Market Outsourcing

by Novus OrigoJun 05, 2009

Middle market organizations' business processes are complex, dynamic, and at times undefined, and as such require a business process outsourcing vendor that can provide a complex and dynamic solution. The cookie cutter "one to many" outsourcing model being marketed by several large outsourcing vendors is not the solution for most middle market organizations and requires close scrutiny by organizations.