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Whitepaper: Embracing and Empowering the Consumerization of IT

by YouSendItApr 24, 2012

Consumer-focused technologies that are deployed by employees can provide tremendous value to any business and can provide IT organizations with more functionality than they can afford or are willing to deploy. However, consumer technologies must be appropriately managed in order to satisfy corporate security, compliance and other requirements. This means integrating consumer technologies into the existing IT fabric in order to achieve the greatest possible synergies between consumer-focused and

Whitepaper: Business Content Collaboration Across Your Extended Enterprise

by YouSendItMar 04, 2012

This white paper examines the challenges inherent in business content collaboration and the criteria that IT professionals should consider in evaluating and selecting an effective business content collaboration solution to increase their organization's productivity and keep their businesses moving.

Whitepaper: Practical Business Content Collaboration: Personal Tools Show The Way

by YouSendItMar 04, 2012

Organizations face many challenges these days as the work world shifts and changes. This is particularly true when it comes to collaborating on projects, and while there are many new services and platforms dedicated to this area, each with differing strengths and focuses, much of today's business communication activity still happens in email.

In today's business world, that presents a problem: The pairing of large files and email takes its toll on speed and storage capabilities.

Whitepaper: Why You Need a Better Way To Manage Email Attachments

by YouSendItMar 04, 2012

This white paper discusses the important requirement to implement an attachment management solution and why such a solution is needed in the first place. It also provides a brief overview of YouSendIt, the sponsor of this white paper, and their relevant attachment management solutions.