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Developers of OnBase and providers of professional services, Hyland Software calls Cleveland home. Our story is one of relentless resourcefulness, always looking for a way to deliver a simpler, more seamless solution to everyday business problems. Here's the rest of the story: Honing good old-fashioned smarts for nearly 20 years Always finding the best ways to improve business processes across various industries 8,200 happy customers throughout North America, Latin America, Europe and Japan (They show us just how happy they are by renewing maintenance contracts 98% of the time.) Making the time to treat each other, and our customers, like family even with just over 900 employees

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Whitepaper: Using SharePoint And Other Tools To Solve 4 Key Insurance Business Problems

by Hyland SoftwareApr 12, 2010

In order to succeed in today�s insurance market, insurers must be comfortable with ups, downs, and sudden changes. It is clear that industry conditions are less predictable than ever before and insurers must focus on everything from distribution and customer service to efficiency and compliance. Executives must be able to use and reuse data and content within their organization to compete effectively. This white paper will explore options available to insurers to better manage, share, and control their documents, data and information across the organization. Taking into account Web-based options like Microsoft�s SharePoint, this paper is intended to present insurers with the best practice for managing enterprise content.

Whitepaper: The Trouble With Legacy Systems

by Hyland SoftwareMay 01, 2009

In search of efficiency, agility, and the ability to innovate, insurers are quickly realizing their legacy systems often stand in the way of these goals. While it is clear that something needs to be done, the options available to solve the problem can be overwhelming. This white paper addresses business and technical pains insurers face as a result of aging legacy systems, addresses options for battling those pains, and advocates enterprise content management (ECM) as a viable solution. Faster and cheaper than replacing legacy systems and easier to use and deploy than other alternatives, ECM facilitates becoming a process-based organization. Process-based insurance organizations are more flexible, agile, and responsive and, therefore, more successful.

Whitepaper: Paperless Processes Enable Self-Service And Efficiencies For County Committed To Innovation

by Hyland SoftwareApr 23, 2009

Committed to excellence, Horry County South Carolina effectively manages consistent growth while retaining the ideals that have made the county prosper. By 2000, Horry County had fully adopted a comprehensive Internet-based GIS solution that would address the analytical, statistical, and mapping needs of the county. Horry County received the 2007 GITA Excellence Award for its comprehensive GIS implementation. This digital environment enables information to be instantly delivered, reduces the duplication of entering information into multiple systems, and eliminates the dependency on paper.