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ICG Commerce is a procurement services provider committed to reducing procurement costs for our customers. We have a comprehensive range of offerings - supported by exceptional people, superior technology and service excellence - to deliver significant savings.

No other company matches our singular focus on the entire procurement process. We identify savings opportunities through strategic sourcing. We ensure realized savings through the effective management of purchase-through-payment transactions, supported by proven implementation programs. And we affect continuing cost reductions by making expenditures visible for better control, and by providing ongoing management support from category specialists.

Procurement is our entire business focus. We don't have other business interests or operations to manage. We don't hand off parts of the job to other companies. Everything we do is geared to one purpose, reducing procurement costs for our customers.

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Latest Content From ICG Commerce

Whitepaper: IT Leaders: A Guide to Doing More with Less

by ICG CommerceNov 01, 2009

Do any of these IT imperatives sound familiar:
- Increase agility and scalability
- Improve the customer experience
- Deliver business intelligence more rapidly
- Manage ever-increasing security risk
- Drive more innovation for the business and for customers

No problem, right? Now do it with less money, and fewer resources.

Flip through this slide deck to learn how your IT organization can provide heightened IT support, while also reducing costs and improving efficiencies. This presentation uses recent survey findings from The Hackett Group to illustrate how other companies are operating in these lean times, and where gaps in spending and service exist, and how they can be closed to save money. Don't miss out on this guide for doing more with less.

Webcast: How IT Leaders Are Capturing Missed Savings

by ICG CommerceNov 01, 2009

According to The Hackett Group, three in four companies have failed to drive enough SG&A reductions to offset declining revenues. Facing increased pressure for cost reductions, IT leaders from companies like Whirlpool, Kimberly-Clark and Hertz are responding by gaining greater control over project expenditures � a large but largely under-managed area of spending.

According to a recent performance study, IT organizations typically "self-source" these purchases (e.g., custom software applications, one-time hardware purchases, consulting services, network appliances, etc.) due to the lack of capacity and specialized IT expertise within the Procurement department. As a result, IT resources are taken away from core business activities, and a rigorous sourcing process is typically not applied � leaving tens of millions of savings and additional value on the table.

View this on-demand webcast with Honorio Padr�n of the Hackett Group and Carl Guarino of ICG Commerce to find out how IT leaders are aggressively managing these purchases, through access to market intelligence and improved spend visibility, and contributing significant cost savings to the business.