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Microsoft's Financial Services Group provides software that helps financial firms transform the customer, employee and operations experience so they can maximize opportunities for increased market share and profitability. Microsoft software helps empower people and IT staff within financial firms and across key focus areas such as advisor platforms, channel renewal, insurance value chain, enterprise risk management and compliance, and payments. Through a combination of Microsoft- and partner-provided solutions, customers enable their employees to turn data into insight, transform ideas into action and turn change into opportunity.

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Webcast: Quality Enablement Webinar: Test Plans That Reduce Risk

by Microsoft CorporationOct 08, 2013

Under the pressure of increased release cadences, increasing software complexity and the move to SAAS many of the techniques QA has traditionally used have proven too costly and inefficient to scale.? To compensate testers must fully integrate with the development teams and streamline their process. Join this webinar to discover how you can: Develop test plans that focus the development effort and reduce risk Find regressions with fewer, more reliable tests Reduce mean time to detect

Webcast: Microsoft Reveals 10 Key Elements Of A Great Agile Team

by Microsoft CorporationSep 23, 2013

How do you build really great?agile?teams? Is it with perfect burn down charts and a beautifully run standup?? Or is it something different??Join Aaron Bjork, Principal Group Program Manager at Microsoft for an interactive discussion on how you can go beyond the standard agile dogma and talk about 10 things he believes are critical when establishing successful agile teams.?In this webinar you will learn:What it takes to motivate an agile teamKeys to building a healthy environmentHow to ensure

Whitepaper: Windows Phones and Unified Communications: How Windows Phones Combine Email, Messaging, Voice, and Presence in a Secure, Collaborative Environment

by Microsoft CorporationDec 10, 2009

Increasingly, teams consist of geographically and departmentally dispersed people who work asynchronously. This means team members can be doing their work any time, any place. A key enabler to this modern, collaborative way of working is a unified communications strategy which brings people together in real time so they can quickly turn raw business information into actionable business intelligence and uninterrupted business process. A cornerstone to any unified communications strategy is the

Whitepaper: Comparing Secure Mobile Workforce Solutions: Research in Motion BlackBerry vs. Microsoft ActiveSync

by Microsoft CorporationOct 16, 2009

In today's mobile work culture, corporate staff - from executive to individual contributor - work beyond the boundaries of the traditional office environment. To support this concept, many organizations are adopting mobile solutions for these employees, who expect not only access to information, but full participation in business from any location whenever it is required. What is the best solution for your company? What options are there?

This paper analyzes key user experience features

Research Report: The Enterprise Spreadsheet: Pushing Toward Transparency

by Microsoft CorporationFeb 11, 2009

In the midst of the current market turmoil, there are initial signs that institutions will need to adapt to the following trends: transparency, risk management and diffusion. Transparency will come in the form of additional reporting requirements. Improvement to risk management will lead to a better understanding of market risk and operational controls; a popular mantra will be updated to read: ?Know your client, know your counterparty better.? Despite the wave of consolidation and

Whitepaper: Market Conditions Drive Innovation: Continuous Intelligence and the Grid

by Microsoft CorporationJan 15, 2009

In this paper we will discuss how Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008 plus Continuous Intelligence? powered by Coral8 Engine? addresses the question when is just the right time all that compute power is needed and exactly how much power to engage. The combination allows Financial Services Firms to swiftly maneuver through the twists and turns of today?s market with agility and grace. Fast Volatile Markets produce data in increasing volume. How to realize position, risk, trade decision, and

Whitepaper: Integrating Mobility With UC

by Microsoft CorporationNov 11, 2008

Microsoft features this presentation on Unified Communications. Mobility isn?t just about mobile phones. Mobile users employ a combination of devices and tools. Consistent experience across PC, Web and mobile phone is important. Solutions need to work seamlessly regardless of where the user is--in the office or on the road.

Whitepaper: Quick Migration with Hyper-V

by Microsoft CorporationSep 01, 2008

In this white paper, we begin with an introduction to quick migration of virtual machines using the Hyper-V technology. We then describe how to apply Hyper-V's quick migration to enhance the availability of services. We explore how you can prepare for planned downtime by using quick migration to save the state of a running virtual machine, move the storage connectivity from one physical server to another, and then restore the virtual machine (for unplanned downtime, the virtual machine is failed

Research Report: Cluster Wars: Scaling-Up Derivatives

by Microsoft CorporationAug 15, 2008

Structured products, credit derivatives and the need for intra-day risk management are driving many investment banks, hedge funds and fund managers to look towards parallelized, distributed computing as the fastest and most cost-effective method of performing Monte Carlo simulations, portfolio optimization and the re-pricing of computationally-intense derivative products. This article looks at some of the technology involved in High Performance Computing, the main players in the market and how

Whitepaper: Microsoft Application Virtualization

by Microsoft CorporationJul 22, 2008

Microsoft's application virtualization strategy includes a host of products with the mission to dynamically stream software as a centrally managed service. These products include multiple delivery options including dynamic streaming and allow for policy-based application management. The Microsoft application virtualization strategy will serve a wide client base, be permission-based, centrally-served, locally-executed, cached for performance, and allow for disconnected use. Learn how Microsoft