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Whitepaper: SANS ForeScout BYOD Mobile Security

by ForeScoutJun 17, 2013

With the introduction of BYOD and its associated threats, Network Access Control has emerged as a compliance-critical solution. Discover how NAC policies and approaches can secure guest devices and mitigate the risk of BYOD access to the enterprise.

Whitepaper: Stay compliant and IT-friendly with NAC Security

by ForeScoutJun 17, 2013

Confused about Network Access Control? NAC is critical to an enterprise network's defense against unauthorized devices. Don't sacrifice on business process. ForeScout's CounterACT offers granular policy control with the least amount of user disruption.

Whitepaper: Preempt IT Security Threats

by ForeScoutMay 01, 2011

This whitepaper by the Ogren Group examines issues related to endpoint security compliance management. A new generation of network-based compliance management tools is available which can help enterprises obtain real-time compliance information, automate the remediation of security deficiencies, improve security, and save money. Ogren Group evaluates the capabilities of ForeScout CounterACT to meet enterprise needs. This whitepaper includes two case studies of organizations using ForeScout CounterACT and describes the results that these organizations have obtained.

Whitepaper: Network Access Control and 802.1X -- Advantages, Constraints, and Capabilities

by ForeScoutMay 01, 2011

This whitepaper by Spire Security explains the advantages, disadvantages and limitations of 802.1x as it relates to network access control (NAC). In practice, 802.1x has proven to be costly and cumbersome to roll-out, particularly for large organizations. Furthermore, 802.1x does not include or address many important features of a full-blown NAC system. This whitepaper includes a case study of a large U.S. defense agency that tried rolling out 802.1x and then, after discovering significant implementation challenges, turned to ForeScout CounterACT as a better alternative.