Whitepaper: Find 10% in Excess Capacity in Your Operations

by VerintOct 15, 2014

Many organizations lack visibility into how employees spend their time. They struggle to answer such questions as:

• What percent of time is spent in value-added activities?
• What percent is spent idle or on activities not directly related to work objectives?
• Which applications do employees access, when and for how long?
• Do the applications correlate with employee roles and assigned tasks?

Read this Executive Perspective to learn how organizations are "Finding Hidden Capacity" in their operations and improving employee productivity and throughput.

Whitepaper: How Much Are Disengaged Employees Costing Your Organization?

by VerintSep 22, 2014

Research shows that 70 percent of employees are not engaged, costing the US $450-550 billion in lost productivity annually. How much of that money came from your business? Companies with engaged employees have above-average customer experience ratings and strong financial results.

Read the eBook, "Leveling the Playing Field: Cornerstone to Employee Engagement," to learn the four key elements to meaningful engagement. Discover some practical steps you can take now to help increase employee productivity, satisfaction and loyalty.

Whitepaper: TEST PAGE

by VerintMay 07, 2014


Whitepaper: test page

by VerintMay 07, 2014

test page

Whitepaper: 10 Top Mobile Apps for Business

by VerintMay 06, 2014

10 Top Mobile Apps for Business

Whitepaper: Transform Your Branches into Sales Engines

by VerintApr 05, 2014

With more customers transitioning to self-service channels for routine transactions, bankers must think creatively about ways to improve branch sales and enhance the customer experience. This eBook from Verint Systems explores the practical steps banks can take to transform the branch into a proactive sales engine.

Whitepaper: How Insurers Can Effectively Meet the Challenges of the ACA

by VerintJan 20, 2014

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) already has created a considerable amount of concern in the healthcare industry. It's also opening up new opportunities as well as significant business challenges for health insurance companies. Insurers need a means of:

� Handling the influx of new members
� Understanding the needs of these new members
� Ensuring processes are in place to meet compliance and quality standards
� Monitoring change as business models transition from an employer to consumer focus.

Managers of operations and customer support functions can use technologies such as workforce optimization and "voice of the customer" analytics solutions to help insurers address the changes while also finding new opportunities to transform their organizations to provide better services to individuals and improve business results. This white paper describes the huge transition under way, and how these technologies can help health insurance providers effectively address the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities.

Webcast: Step Up Your Game in Loan Operations in 2014

by VerintNov 11, 2013

Already a labor-intensive task for banks, managing loan operations is poised to become more complicated in 2014 as new qualified mortgage regulatory rules from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau take effect. In this one-hour webcast sponsored by Bank Systems & Technology and Verint®, learn how the shifting regulatory waters might affect your institution's loan operations and how you can create a more productive, agile workforce to help you adapt to the changes—and even thrive.

Increased regulatory burdens, a flagging refinance market and increased competition from independent mortgage shops require adapting to change swiftly. Many of today’s back office systems and management processes do not support the pending reality. In this webcast you’ll learn how an enterprise workforce management approach can help you:

  • Better align resources to demands
  • Quickly shift resources from one area to another
  • Process more customer transactions with fewer resources.

With a more productive,agile workforce in loan operations, you can be at the top of your game and better prepared for what’s coming.

Video: Improve Back-office Efficiency (2:56 min)

by VerintOct 23, 2013

Improve Back-office Efficiency (2:56 min)

Video: The Power of the Voice of the Customer (1:58 min)

by VerintOct 23, 2013

The Power of the Voice of the Customer (1:58 min)