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Whitepaper: The Cybercrime Economics of Malicious Macros

by ProofpointSep 01, 2015

Attack techniques come and go as technology and user behaviors change and defenses adapt to new threats — and sometimes take their eye off old ones — and the return of malicious macros offers an opportunity to examine and understand the drivers behind these adaptations, an exercise that is equal parts business case and technical analysis.

Our new report, "The Cybercrime Economics of Malicious Macros," examines the technical and business characteristics of malicious macros to

Whitepaper: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Email Gateways, 2015

by ProofpointSep 01, 2015

As advanced threats increase in frequency and sophistication, it's never been more important to secure your organization's email, by far the number one threat vector. Named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Email Gateways, Proofpoint uniquely combines a world class email gateway solution with the industry's leading Targeted Attack Protection technology, catching and stopping cyberthreats from malicious links and attachments hours or even days before traditional defenses.

Whitepaper: The Human Factor 2015

by ProofpointSep 01, 2015

Most advanced attacks rely as much on exploiting human flaws as on exploiting system flaws. Proofpoint developed this report, The Human Factor, to explore this under-reported aspect of enterprise threats using data gathered from the Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection product deployed in customer environments, tracking threats in email attachments, social media posts, and URLs.

This paper uses original field research to provide insight on who is clicking, and what they are clicking

Research Report: The State of Social Media Infrastructure Part III

by ProofpointJul 07, 2015

This industry-first research looks at how well early corporate social media compliance programs are functioning in a difficult environment by analyzing the content posted to over 32,000 Fortune 100 social accounts. It provides a taxonomy of the most common incidents, real-world examples, key operational challenges, and steps that any organization can take to better manage social media compliance risk.

Whitepaper: How to Stop Social Media Hacks

by ProofpointJun 01, 2015

A how to guide describing the key steps that organizations should take to prevent their social media accounts from being hacked.

Webcast: The Human Factor 2015: Cybercriminals Go Corporate, and How to Fight Them

by ProofpointApr 30, 2015

The Human Factor Report 2015 reveals that last year was the year attackers “went corporate” by changing their tactics to focus on businesses rather than consumers, exploiting middle management overload of information sharing, and trading off attack volume for sophistication. Organizations that had spent the year training their employees to recognize phishing techniques used by cybercriminals the previous year were not ready for the new delivery methods, email lures and other

Whitepaper: Dealing with Data Breaches and Data Loss Prevention

by ProofpointApr 08, 2015

As data grows and organizations become more vast, the risk of sensitive data being breached increases at an alarming pace. With data breaches making the headlines more than ever, organizations are forced to consider the safety of their data, the policies they have in place to protect it, and the strategies and tools at their disposal for breach mitigation.

Download the latest research report from Osterman Research, Inc., Dealing with Data Breaches and Data Loss Prevention, in which

Whitepaper: The New Phishing Threat: Phishing Attacks

by ProofpointApr 08, 2015

The threat of email borne attacks is greater than ever with malware volumes increasing drastically. One of the most common, and difficult to detect, email threats comes in the form of phishing and spear-phishing emails.

Historically, phishing attacks targeted end-users with attackers going after credentials to financial accounts. But modern phishing attacks have evolved toward targeting sensitive corporate data as evidenced by the high profile data breaches targeted at diverse

Whitepaper: Defending Against Advanced Threats - Addressing the Cyber Kill Chain

by ProofpointApr 08, 2015

As clearly evidenced by the daily headlines about security breaches, traditional defense tools are failing to protect enterprises from advanced targeted attacks. A deeper understanding of these attacks and how cybercriminals approach them is key to ensuring your organization is protected.

Understanding the Cyber Kill Chain model and how attackers use the cycle of compromise, persistence and exfiltration against an organization is simple but creating an architecture and supporting

Webcast: How to Keep Your Company Safe & Out of the Headlines

by ProofpointJan 29, 2015

Advanced threats are on the rise, and large-scaled security breaches keep happening, so what can IT security teams do to keep their organizations out of the headlines? Join Mike Horn, Proofpoint’s Vice President of Threat Response Products, as he explains common threat scenarios and how to quickly verify if a user was infected and instantly contain verified threats. Attend this webinar to learn how to: Address the current security landscape with key security controls Mitigate risks from