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Make Technologies is a leading global provider of legacy modernization software and services. Founded in 1999, Vancouver, B.C. Make Technologies has helped customers in a broad range of industries including finance, healthcare, insurance, natural resources, distribution, communications, and government. Make Technologies is a trusted brand in enterprise legacy modernization initiatives with partners like Deloitte, Oracle, and IBM.

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Whitepaper: All Legacy Systems Go

by Make TechnologiesSep 28, 2011

A top tier analyst firm estimates that a typical corporation spends between 60-80 percent of its IT budget simply to maintain existing mainframe systems and applications. No wonder that many organizations feel legacy modernization is the way they keep their business up and running. So why do many modernization projects fail to produce results?

The number one reason is that organizations fail to capture the decades of knowledge inherent in their legacy applications and the associated extensions or augmentations that have evolved to address changing business requirements. If your company can capture the tribal knowledge around your legacy systems and transfer it to your new system, you have a much better chance of a trouble-free modernization program.

In this whitepaper, three case studies in natural resource, healthcare, and government introduce how organizations have leveraged Make Technologies to modernize their legacy systems safely, efficiently, and inexpensively. Some of them turned to Make Technologies after their modernization initiatives had failed. Through legacy modernization with Make Technologies, they reduced maintenance cost and enhanced their system capabilities.

See how Make Technologies' high value approach positions their company to respond to market changes more swiftly and effectively going forward.

Whitepaper: How to Eat an Elephant

by Make TechnologiesSep 28, 2011

There's an elephant in the room that nobody's talking about. Aging application portfolios are putting many organizations at risk. Organizations need a strategy and a roadmap to modernize their application portfolios. This whitepaper discusses a step-by-step approach and necessary considerations for a scalable modernization project.

After establishing a set of goals and principles to guide the modernization journey, Portfolio Assessment is the first step. Inventory the applications in the portfolio and assess each application or component to identify disposition strategies. Considerations here include business fit of legacy and uniqueness of business processes. Among nine standard modernization approaches, the whitepaper focuses on four modernization approaches - Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS), Re-Architecture, Re-Architecture+Enhancements, and Custom Application Development (CAD) - and discusses how an organization should take these approaches in combination, since one approach is not the best solution for all portfolio components.

The next step is to build a Roadmap that includes manageable work packages of applications (group of applications being modernized as a single project) organized into a time-based modernization program. By breaking down steps into bite-sized pieces, what was once a daunting task is now a logical series of tasks that can be easily tackled. Once the disposition strategy has been utilized to group applications together, then these groups can be broken down even further based on application interdependence. Lastly, these applications can be prioritized according to business importance, application complexity, and logic.