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Systema Software is an independent software vendor focusing on the insurance industry. Our flagship product, SIMS Claims, is a comprehensive workers' compensation, property and casualty claims management system built with direct input from a knowledgeable group of claims examiners and managers, actuaries and underwriters. Our professional Services team is comprised primarily of experienced consultants from Big 4 consulting companies. We focus on the delivery of successful implementations through the use of a rigorous and proven methodology. This process ensures our implementation times are reasonable, allowing our clients to see a quick return on their investment. SIMS Claims is a pure Web-Based system supported by a relational database and an intuitive user-interface. It provides all of the out-of-the-box functionality needed to support claims operations.

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Latest Content From Systema Software

Whitepaper: ACM Case Study

by Systema SoftwareOct 01, 2014

When American Claims Management (ACM) launched its workers' compensation division in 2008, the company needed a new claims system. Find out why it chose Systema Software and SIMS Claims, the next-generation in claims administration software.

Whitepaper: Berkshire Hathaway Homestates Companies Case Study

by Systema SoftwareOct 01, 2014

Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies (BHHC) is a group of six regional insurance carriers. In this case study, Terry McKelvey, vice president of IT in the workers' comp division of BHHC, discusses the benefits her company experienced after implementing SIMS Claims from Systema Software.

Whitepaper: Leveraging Business Intelligence to Improve Claims Performance and Results

by Systema SoftwareOct 01, 2014

There's a wealth of information trapped in claim systems and operational databases. Business intelligence tools hold the key to unlock the insights executives need to reduce claims costs, optimize efficiency and enhance customer service.

Whitepaper: Case Study: Insurer Achieves Efficient Claims Closure & Increases Market Share

by Systema SoftwareMar 24, 2014

SaxonMG strives to be the number one choice for auto insurance in the Cayman Islands. To help achieve this objective, SaxonMG chose to implement SIMS Claims to process auto claims with a high level of efficiency, cost savings, and customer service.

Webcast: Leveraging Claims Data to Boost Performance with Next-Gen Business Intelligence & Analytics

by Systema SoftwareJan 31, 2014

Business intelligence (BI) tools have the power to revolutionize the insurance industry?s ability to analyze claims data and predict trends.In today's fast-paced, competitive environment, insurance companies that do not avail themselves of BI tools may miss vital opportunities to enhance their operations and bottom line.Register for this webinar to better:Understand the business case for BI tools, and how to maximize your investmentBuild on insights for resource and workflow optimization so

Webcast: Leveraging Business Intelligence & Data Analytics to Improve Claim Results

by Systema SoftwareNov 15, 2013

Today, business intelligence (BI) tools have the power to revolutionize the insurance industry’s ability to analyze claims data and predict claims-related trends. For example, insight derived from multi-dimensional data cubes and power views, which have the ability to pre-aggregate data and utilize multiple data dimensions, all serve to strengthen insurers’ ability to “slice and dice” information with accelerated speed and performance. What once took months or years to

Whitepaper: Guidelines for Claims Management Systems Selection

by Systema SoftwareJan 06, 2009

Selecting a new claims system can be an intimidating task due to the risks involved in going with the wrong choice. The complexity of the evaluation process requires an understanding of technology, change management, licensing and support options among others. The purpose of this white paper is to help you simplify this effort by focusing on what really matters and avoiding getting caught up in the technical and vendor jargon.