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Business Intelligence Suite and Corporate Performance Management Software India - ElegantJ BI provides simple, practical and affordable Corporate Performance Management and BI Solution through balanced scorecards, dashboards, OLAP analysis, reports and other business intelligence tools. KPI for your industry and business functions can be defined and monitored, leading to performance improvement at strategic, tactical and operational levels of your organization.

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Whitepaper: Business Intelligence for Small and Medium Enterprises

by ElegantJ BI - Business Intelligence Suite and CPM SolutionsMay 31, 2010

No matter the size of the enterprise, access to critical business information and integrated reporting is important to market success. Small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) should not discount the importance of Business Intelligence (BI). Most SME business owners make decisions based on a best guess or on their perception of business stability, and even if the owner understands the value of a Business Intelligence (BI) system, he/she believes the value of such a system is not worth the investment expense. In truth, the SME does not have to empty its coffers to purchase a large, overwhelming system. Some new Business Intelligence (BI) products offer web based, and even hosted services without the expense of installation and maintenance, making sophisticated Business.