Centrify delivers integrated software solutions that centrally control, secure and audit access to cross-platform systems and applications by leveraging an infrastructure you already own--Microsoft Active Directory. Over 3500 organizations rely on Centrify's identity consolidation and privilege management solutions to reduce IT expenses, strengthen security and meet compliance requirements. Built on a common architecture, the Centrify Suite of solutions delivers secure authentication and single sign-on, role-based access control, privileged identity management, user-level auditing, server isolation and encryption of data-in-motion for the industry's broadest set of heterogeneous systems and applications.

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Whitepaper: Stop Password Sprawl with SaaS Single Sign-On via Active Directory

by CentrifyMay 26, 2015

As mobile devices have pushed their way into the enterprise, they have brought cloud apps along with them. This app explosion means account passwords are multiplying, which exposes corporate data and leads to help desk calls from frustrated users. This paper will discover how IT can improve user productivity, gain visibility and control over SaaS and mobile apps, and stop password sprawl. Download this white paper to learn:

  • How you can leverage your existing AD to manage app access.
  • Key capabilities to consider when implementing Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • How SSO can boost IT satisfaction and improve security.

Whitepaper: Office 365 Single Sign-On: High Availability without High Complexity

by CentrifyMay 26, 2015

For most organizations, the move to Office 365 (O365) is a leap forward in user experience, productivity, IT simplification, and savings. But organizations that fail to implement Single Sign-On (SSO) reliably will expectedly experience an increase in risk and a decline in productivity. This technology brief will explain why highly reliable SSO between your on-premise network and O365 is crucial, and why that implementation is surprisingly difficult to achieve using the accessory tools provided with O365. Learn the best-in-class approach that allows you to leverage your preexisting multiple-site Active Directory infrastructure to make SSO reliable and simple.

Whitepaper: Managing Access to SaaS Applications

by CentrifyMay 26, 2015

IT professionals are grappling with not one, but three revolutions at the same time:

  • First, cloud computing provides easy and dynamic access to information technology.
  • Next, the ecosystem of cloud-based SaaS applications has exploded thanks to cloud computing.
  • Finally, this SaaS ecosystem has helped power an even bigger boom of consumer-friendly mobile devices and apps that access SaaS.
This guide examines the opportunities and challenges of empowering, yet controlling, user access to SaaS applications. Specifically, identity management as a service promises to simplify secure access, and management of SaaS applications while reducing password sprawl. This guide will also review how mobile computing has added to the complexity of managing access to both corporate data and SaaS, and additionally help evaluate the options available on the market.

Whitepaper: Top Six Things to Consider with an Identity as a Service Solution

by CentrifyMay 26, 2015

The amount of apps, passwords, and identities that your employees need to manage every day can really stunt productivity. IT doesn't like it either. After all, they're just trying to ensure the security of your enterprise but they're often burdened with password retrieval activities when they could be focused on more value-added tasks. Because your employee have work to do, and they're suffering from password fatigue, they resort to using passwords that circumvent security practices—inviting hackers into your enterprise data. Solutions to solve the problem are often cumbersome making a complicated problem... well, more complicated.

Is there a better way?

Absolutely: unified identity management with an identity as a service solution (IDaaS).

Download the white paper and discover how an IDaaS can help drive user productivity, enhance IT efficiency, improve security, mitigate risk, and lower total cost of ownership.

Webcast: When Good Apps Go Bad: How To Rein In Shadow IT

by CentrifyApr 21, 2015

In today's cloud world, a credit card is all it takes to feel like a business app buyer. Line of business teams are adopting apps without consulting IT, putting corporate data at risk. It's shadow IT, and it's growing fast.

Of course, when those deployments grow too difficult for line of business to manage, they become IT's problem. With no thought to management, security, or integration, IT is saddled with a huge challenge, and users are confused and frustrated.

Join Chris Christiansen, Program Vice President for IDC's Security Product and Services Group, and Chris Webber, Security Strategist from Centrify, as they discuss:

- The realities of shadow IT
- Tools and techniques to get back in control of cloud apps and mobile devices
- Strategies to get out in front of line of business

Whitepaper: Privileged User Activity Auditing: The Missing Link for Enterprise Compliance and Security

by CentrifyFeb 17, 2012

Detailed actions of privileged users is critical in today's business environment of IT outsourcing, off-shoring and supplementing IT staff with contractors. Regulations require documenting what users actually do with the privileges and rights granted to them and how their actions impact the IT environment.

Traditional approaches, such as log files, cannot fully meet these requirements. For a full accounting of what specific actions were taken on a specific system, at a specific time, by a specific user, there is no substitute for a high-fidelity recording of individual user sessions.

Organizations need to ensure that every privileged session can be audited across their extended enterprise.