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Whitepaper: Integration Challenges: CTI, CRM and Customer Intelligence Systems

by Computer SciencesMar 18, 2008

This presentation explores the key elements necessary in maximizing customer intelligence in the contact center.

Whitepaper: Supplemental BPO Services

by Computer SciencesJan 01, 2008

It’s virtually impossible for insurance companies to plan for every business eventuality. CSC’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services can provide the company with comprehensive support for all back-office functions. In addition to policy administration, CSC offers services and the technology infrastructure that allow one to immediately address a business problem and avoid major up-front costs. This paper by CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation) provides information about CSC?s Supplemental BPO Services.

Whitepaper: Delivering the Business Benefits of SOA: Dispelling the Myths, Clarifying the Benefits and Creating the Roadmap

by Computer SciencesJan 01, 2008

SOA is an enabling architecture based on reusable building blocks called business services. Unlike previous architectures, SOA focuses on business processes, rather than technical components. This White Paper looks at the issues preventing organizations from gaining the true business benefits of SOA. It provides a definition of SOA, discusses its substantial potential benefits and highlights the stumbling blocks organizations typically hit when trying to implement it. It also describes methodologies for avoiding these pitfalls and implementing SOA successfully.