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Whitepaper: Maximize Your ROI on Contact Center Surveying

by Customer Relationship MetricsJan 01, 2008

This paper published by Customer Relationship Metrics describes as the marketplace is moving from a service economy to an experience economy, contact centers are being vaulted from the position of being considered a back-office operation that has little strategic impact to the competitive differentiator that can be a weapon in a commoditize marketplace. With this shift and the realization that the contact center has access to more customer contacts and intelligence than any other part of the enterprise, measuring and enhancing the customer experience is in high demand and is highly visible within organizations.

Whitepaper: When Customers and Agents Make ""Noise"" From Surveying and How to Fix It

by Customer Relationship MetricsJan 01, 2008

Most people in contact centers anxiously await Customer Metrics because it is the validation of their existence. Unfortunately too many assume, without questioning, that the results are reliable. Without questioning, a person is likely to accept this information and make important decisions based on incorrect information. Voice of the Customer (VOC) results is no different than any other type of research. There are biases and error which impact the accuracy of the reporting. This management error puts everyone that uses this data at risk. For this education and analysis, this white paper focuses on VOC being captured by real-time surveys.

Whitepaper: Customer-Driven Knowledge and Proving Your Contact Center's Value

by Customer Relationship MetricsJan 01, 2008

In the time of constant cost cutting and cutbacks, some contact centers have found the correct way to prove their worth to the organization and prevent wrongful cuts that can damage service quality. With the Voice Of the Customer (VOC) in hand, management can hear what customers are saying - about the company, the service and the individual representatives who assisted them. Customer satisfaction, word of mouth, and loyalty impact the bottom line.

Whitepaper: Agent-Level Customer Feedback and the Impact on First Contact Resolution

by Customer Relationship MetricsJan 01, 2008

Contact center leaders are deluged with different Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions that promise to reduce costs, heighten customer satisfaction and loyalty, improve productivity and do more with less. This paper from Customer Relationship Metrics explains the impact of real-time agent-level feedback on First Contact Resolution, measure the ROI of such a customer feedback program, and manage to the results to improve training and coaching of agents. The paper focused on how First Contact Resolution would be impacted, and by how much, after the implementation of a robust CATs service solution versus an internal IVR data collection system.