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Sherpa Software, a leading provider of technology-driven information governance solutions, has helped more than 4,000 companies worldwide. Sherpa's award-winning software, services and support address information management, regulatory compliance, electronic discovery, policy enforcement, PST management and more. Sherpa Altitude IG, Sherpa Software's signature information governance platform, connects to more data sources than traditional platforms, leaves your data in-place and offers robust analytics and metrics, while addressing core business issues.

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Whitepaper: The Importance of Archiving Your Organization’s Email Communications

by Sherpa SoftwareJan 01, 2008

Email’s stature as the most used form of electronic communications and an important enterprise application raises an organization’s obligation to reduce and determine its impact. Sherpa Software’s Mail Attender is an email management system featuring Mail Archiving and Restrictions, which are configured by administrators to set up rules on whether or not precise emails can be edited, deleted or archived. With Mail Attender’s Mail Restrictions, administrators specify multiple criteria, gaining the control organizations need to ensure their legal and infrastructure concerns are addressed.

Whitepaper: Do You Know Where Your Messages Are?

by Sherpa SoftwareJan 01, 2008

Virtualization leverages technology to better manage technology, letting enterprise data centers deliver more services with fewer resources. Given the annually increasing pressure created by server proliferation and rising power requirements, server densities and energy costs, virtualization is the only approach capable of addressing the business demand for new servers while containing the costs required for management, maintenance and operations. Quite simply, virtualization helps shift the allocation of information technology resources from powering existing investments to driving ongoing innovation and funding new projects.

Whitepaper: Enforcing Corporate Compliance Policies in Your Lotus Notes Email

by Sherpa SoftwareJan 01, 2008

To be compliant, organizations need to ensure they are protecting critical financial data and reports, and patient and customer information. Protecting critical data involves more than controlling access via networks and storage systems. Sherpa Software’s Mail Attender is an email management system featuring Mail Archiving and Restrictions, which are configured by administrators to establish rules regarding how emails are sent, edited, deleted, archived and stored.

Whitepaper: Understanding your Data - The Value of Reporting and Analytics to your Business

by Sherpa SoftwareNov 02, 2015

This white paper explores how data, also known as electronically stored information, reporting and analytics can save your business time and money and offer guidance on systems for inventorying and analyzing ESI within your organization.

Whitepaper: Demystifying Defensible Deletion

by Sherpa SoftwareNov 02, 2015

Defensible deletion allows organizations to manage their handling, storage and eDiscovery costs as well as their risk while freeing up resources that can be better spent elsewhere. In this white paper, we define defensible deletion while highlighting some key areas where organizations should take action.

Whitepaper: eDiscovery in an Information Governance World

by Sherpa SoftwareNov 02, 2015

This eDiscovery white paper will touch on how, with the use of effective IG policies and procedures in place, risk is mitigated throughout the company and eDiscovery becomes a manageable task. Learn how eDiscovery actually relies on effective information governance policies for trouble-free collection, processing and production.

Whitepaper: Implementing a Corporate Information Governance Plan

by Sherpa SoftwareNov 02, 2015

This ebook breaks down the governance journey down into logical steps designed to help you get started. From understanding the compelling need, to selecting and building a team, to creating a repetitive process, each of the four phases contains advice that will help you move from analysis to action.

Whitepaper: eDiscovery: SaaS vs. On-Premises

by Sherpa SoftwareNov 02, 2015

In this white paper, we will explore the trends in eDiscovery solutions, unscramble the jargon and offer practical advice to help choose options that are most suitable for your organization.

Whitepaper: The Essential Guide to Understanding and Executing Legal Holds

by Sherpa SoftwareDec 11, 2015

Too frequently, organizations are unprepared for litigation that comes their way. Regardless of other projects or problems competing for attention, a business simply cannot afford the risk or cost of operating without an established and tested plan for litigation. A critical component of that plan is a proper legal hold strategy.

In this paper, we'll review key details about legal holds, including:
• Why it is necessary to plan for a legal hold before it happens.
• The triggers, components, people, and actions involved in legal holds.
• How automating this process can decrease risk and save time.
• How to prepare a legal hold plan for a business.