Seculert is a unique cloud-based advanced malware detection service. Seculert uses an innovative big data engine to discover malware and advanced persistent threats (APT) that have gone undetected by existing security solutions on corporate devices and networks. Seculert is the only industry solution that operates outside your network to detect advanced malware both inside and outside your network, including remote employees and partners. The company has developed patent-pending cloud-based technology that provides early detection of advanced malware and strengthens enterprises' existing security infrastructures, enabling fast and cost-effective deployment without the need for new hardware, software or any changes to the corporate network.

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Whitepaper: Combating Advanced Persistent Threats Through Detection

by SeculertApr 17, 2013

Organizations are discovering that effective Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) protection is a critical priority. Without APT protection, organizations are vulnerable to potentially devastating malware attacks that could last for months or years before they're identified.