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Whitepaper: Customer Interaction Management: Delivering High Value Service, Sales, and Support

by TalismaJan 01, 2008

Customer Interaction Management is the whole process whereby customers get what they want, when they want it, from the place that has something they need. This means that a person needs to know what each customer needs, and can convey not just the data to them, but also in the form (at) they demand across all possible touch points. This paper identifies and reviews critical elements of Customer Interaction Management including customer self-service tools, chat with co-browsing, E-mail management, and campaigns, plus the imperative to make sure that they work in concert with each other.

Whitepaper: Knowledge Management Implementation Best Practices

by TalismaJan 01, 2008

A successful Knowledge Management (KM), implementation should not only impact a critical business process, but should also build the necessary momentum to create a knowledge-driven enterprise - one where KM contributes directly to organizational strategy, productivity, and bottom line. This white paper published by Talisma suggests key best practices to implement a Knowledge Management system and establish a solid foundation for evolving KM into a sustained organizational practice over time.

Whitepaper: Putting the Customer Back Into CRM

by TalismaJan 01, 2008

From online support and on-demand news and information, to the phenomenon of social networks, IM and blogs, the Internet revolution continues to change the way one lives. Many consumers expect, and increasingly get, instant access to the systems, people or answers they are looking for, no matter where they are or when they need it. For businesses, when coupled with technology innovation in areas such as knowledge management and enterprise chat, there are more opportunities than ever to help users help themselves and deliver an exceptional customer experience - as showcased at the recent Talisma Customer Conference in Miami Beach, Florida.

Whitepaper: Winning Strategies for Email Management

by TalismaJan 01, 2008

This paper discusses Winning Strategies for Email Management. Because of the steady growth in inbound email volumes, organizations are increasingly faced with the challenge of not only responding to their customers in a timely manner, but actually resolving customer issues via this medium. Failure to do so means higher customer service costs via traditional channels like the phone, as well as reduced customer satisfaction. As organizations grapple with this challenge, customer expectation of email response time continues to decrease. 90 percent of customers expect a 24 hour or less response time.