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Whitepaper: Wireless Networking Over Extended Range: Technology Options for Optimizing Long Range Wireless Connectivity

by USRoboticsJan 01, 2008

WiFi, WLAN, 802.11a/b/g are all terms used in the fast growing market of Wireless Networking. WiFi (short for ’Wireless Fidelity’) is the popular term for a high-frequency Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). High frequency in these terms refers to 2.4GHz (802.11b and g) and 5GHz (802.11a) microwave transmission of WLAN data. This white paper has been compiled using ’Real life’ data collected over the last few years and research from conventional sources of information written about the more technical aspects of microwave transmission and propagation.

Whitepaper: Wireless LANs - Are They Safe?

by USRoboticsJan 01, 2008

One of leading technology expansions of the new millennium has been in the area of Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN). With that rapid growth, there have been increasing questions regarding the effect of WLAN radio transmissions on health, since radio devices emit radio frequency electromagnetic energy. This paper from USRobotics provides basic, non-biased information on this topic. This will help customers that are considering deploying WLANs make informed decisions. It will also increase the comfort level of customers that have already implemented WLANs as it is demonstrated that radio devices, such as Wireless PC Cards or Access Points, do not constitute a health risk.