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Whitepaper: VoIP Management Metrics And Methods

by TelchemyMar 19, 2008

Telchemy discusses VoIP management in this presentation. Key metrics, network monitoring, protocols, network agents, and reporting are among the subjects addressed.

Whitepaper: Managing Wireless LANs & Wi-Fi Services

by TelchemyJan 01, 2008

A much-needed solution for call-quality monitoring and problem diagnosis is provided by the new VoIP Performance Management Architecture. Important call-quality and diagnostic data are obtained in real time from key points in the packet stream, including wireless LANs, and are routed to network management systems and CDR databases. Here, user gets to know about the typical performance issues that enterprises and service providers encounter when deploying VoIP over Wireless LANs (VoWLANs) and Wi-Fi services and introduces a management framework that enables them to detect, address and resolve these problems.