Xirrus is the leading provider of high-performance wireless networks. Xirrus solutions perform under the most demanding circumstances, offering consistent �wired-like� performance with superior coverage and security. The Xirrus suite of WI-FI optimized solutions -- Arrays, access points, cloud services, and wired switches -- provide seamless connectivity and unified management across the network. Xirrus provides a vital strategic business and IT infrastructure advantage to industries that depend on wireless to operate business-critical applications. With tens of thousands of customer solutions deployed globally, Xirrus maintains operations and partnerships across the globe. For more information, please send us an email at

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Whitepaper: Ensure Your Wireless Network's Performance - Even Under Heavy Load

by XirrusMay 15, 2013

BYOD and cloud-based services are driving monumental changes in IT everywhere - they are no longer in control of what is running on their networks. The ability to provide a level of visibility and control over what is happening in the Wild Wild West of BYOD is mandatory for IT managers to do their jobs. The goal must be to ensure business-critical applications operate properly on the network and that in the least, there is an acceptable user experience for everything else.

Wireless networks are quickly replacing wired networks - most BYOD devices have no wired Ethernet port. So there is no longer a choice in providing an acceptable wireless solution.

Webcast: Wi-Fi Capacity: Dealing with Density

by XirrusMay 15, 2013

Supporting dozens of clients is easy, supporting hundreds or thousands, not so much. The difference between good enough wireless and great wireless is defined by- unhappy visitors, frustrated exhibitors, lost ability to monetize services and maybe the worst - dissatisfaction of services broadcasted through social media. In other words: because convention centers are such visible venues, running a basic (non-optimized) Wi-Fi network is bad for business.

This webinar will identify the components and give you actionable steps that will enable your wireless network to operate more predictably and reliably under heavy load and maintain QoS.

Whitepaper: Demystifying 802.11ac

by XirrusMay 15, 2013

802.11ac is a new very high throughput Wi-Fi standard (final approval in 2014). It delivers data rates in excess of 1Gbps in its first phase of products with future iterations planned to take performance to nearly 7Gbps. 802.11ac maintains backward compatibility with existing 802.11 equipment to simplify network migration to the new technology.

Whitepaper: The Benefits of Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi for Budgets and Productivity

by XirrusMay 15, 2013

Wireless devices have changed the way organizations and their users interact. Mobile smartphones, tablets, laptops, and wireless enabled devices have driven the mindset that wireless networks must be ubiquitous, fast, and constantly available. These are demands that have traditionally put organizations and their users in direct contrast with their IT departments, as constructing and maintaining wireless infrastructures have typically been time-consuming, complex, and costly endeavors.

Whitepaper: Getting Wired Performance Out of Your Wireless Network

by XirrusMay 15, 2013

Driven by the rapid evolution of mobile devices, the move to cloud-based applications and data, and the continued development of new wireless technologies, Wi-Fi has become the network of choice for connectivity. Most new devices no longer have wired connectivity-for them Wi-Fi is the only option. IT managers now count Wi-Fi as an essential business facility.

Whitepaper: Gartner Report: Use Best Practices to Implement a WLAN

by XirrusJul 13, 2012

Mobility is the #1 issue facing Enterprise IT today. With the rapid growth of smart devices, organizations are increasingly depending on wireless to transform their businesses.

Learn from Gartner?s Tim Zimmerman the best practices to implement a WLAN.

Whitepaper: Avoid Your Wi-Fi Network Getting Crushed by BYOD

by XirrusJul 10, 2012

As more devices use the corporate wireless network, the network needs to be able to handle the increased utilization of network resources.

Whitepaper: GigaOm Report: Deploy a Wireless Network at Wired-like Speed

by XirrusJul 10, 2012

This paper follows the ascent of Wi-Fi and looks at how its expanding role within the enterprise - including public or private organizations in the education, health care, government and safety sectors.

We also examine how these requirements will be met by further expansion in the Wi-Fi standards and by a new generation of Wi-Fi equipment and devices. We will discuss how the enterprise can benefit from the evolution of Wi-Fi by deploying future-proof networks that will organically improve performance.

Whitepaper: Enterprise Wireless LAN Evolution

by XirrusJan 01, 2008

Early deployments of Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN?s) in the enterprise have demonstrated the value of mobile connectivity within business environments and left users wanting more. So much more that like most breakthrough technologies before them, the original network architecture deployed has reached a crossroads of diminishing returns as it attempts to scale economically and technologically with demand. Fortunately, a revolutionary new WLAN architecture has been developed to facilitate growth and overcome the barriers to scale in high-volume wireless or Wi-Fi deployments in the enterprise